Today we continue our selection of quilts recently displayed at the Spring Paducah 2019 show featured as part of The 14th Quilt Nihon Exhibition. The exhibit is described as:

"Organized by the Japan Handicraft Instructors' Association, the Quilt Nihon Exhibition is one of the most prestigious international quilt contests in Japan. The exhibit features 42 quilts from the "Innovative Traditional" category, which will later be exhibited at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art."

Please enjoy the thirty-first quilt from the exhibition by Yoko Tobiishi.

Title of Quilt: Inhaling Stripes

Quilter's Name: Yoko Tobiishi

Dimensions: 84" x 84"


Claire Victor was fascinated by 3D effects and the traditional Tumbling Block pattern. She took these ideas to a whole new level with her masterful use of color and value to create a stunning multi-dimensional visual effect.

Pole Dance was part of the Abstract Small Exhibit at the Houston International Quilt Festival 2019.





We weren't quite sure what a "Combi Kit" was or what the product did. So we asked Bernie and Shelley Tobisch to explain how it works and why the big spray bottle? Okay, now we get it. And you can get it to. We have just a few that have come off the assembly line. We will be getting more, but if you would like it right away, please order now. See the benefits summarized below the video.

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Photo by Shawn Fernandez. Image courtesy of CRM Studios

TQS taping is just around the corner...BUT NOT IN Denver, CO! Can you guess our new location?

Here are a few hints to help:







We're moving to TEXAS!!!

We're excited to announce that we are moving to a state-of-the-art venue called CRM Studios in Irving, TX (that's Las Colinas for you locals). With ample parking, seating on risers, two airports,and lots of nearby hotels, shops and restaurants (The Galleria) we know you will love our new Texas digs as much as we do!

Tickets for taping are, as always, FREE and will be available for request starting Monday, January 13, 2020. Look for the announcement in an upcoming Newsletter!


Put the puzzle together and you'll see Sue's beautiful Afternoon Delight quilt.

Watch Barbara Black talk about Sue's design in Show 2601.

AfternoonDelightbySueGarman - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

AfternoonDelightbySueGarman - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

AfternoonDelightbySueGarman - 289 Pieces Non-Rotating

AfternoonDelightbySueGarman - 36 Pieces Rotating

AfternoonDelightbySueGarman - 100 Pieces Rotating

AfternoonDelightbySueGarman - 289 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


Here is the original Afternoon Delight quilt created and made by Sue Garman. Isn't it beautiful?

Watch Barbara Black talk about Sue's design in Show 2601.

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


Barbara Black helps you get started with your Afternoon Delight quilt by giving you tips for making Shoo Fly Blocks.

Click here for Barbara's tips.

Watch Barbara in Show 2601.


The National Quilt Museum's most important annual fundraiser is their Year-End Matching Challenge.

Mark Dunn with Moda Fabrics has agreed to match all donations to The National Quilt Museum made between December 1, 2019 and January 31, 2020. Your donation of any amount will be matched during this time. Please help them make the most of this opportunity by giving to their year-end matching campaign. The museum is a 501c3 nonprofit organization primarily funded through quilters like you and we need everyone passionate about quilting involved!

Please take a moment and show your support for the future of quilting by donating to this campaign.  

Click here to learn more and to support the museum.




As an added bonus, Frank Bennett, the CEO of The National Quilt Museum writes,

"PS – Just to show you how much we need your involvement, I have a special offer for you. If you are going to be at the museum in 2020, I will give you a tour of the museum back-of-the-house quilt handling and storage processes. Call me to schedule your tour."


At first we thought it was clever that Marisa Marquez created "pieced blocks" using her machine quilting in My Lone Star Quilt, but then we saw that the entire William Morris-type wallpaper background was actually all machine quilted as well. This type of creativity always makes our jaws drop.

My Lone Star Quilt was on exhibit at the Houston International Quilt Fesitval 2019. It was awarded 2nd Place, Merit Quilting, Machine-Stationary, Sponsored by BERNINA of America.







Alex caught up with Rising Star Terry Grant at the Houston International Quilt Festival 2019. You may remember we "ambushed" Terry in her studio back in Show 1502: Small Pieces, Big Impact. Enjoy a visit with Alex and Terry as they explore the quilts in her exhibit.


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