It was wonderful to come into the quilt section in Houston and be surrounded by blue quilts. Quilts in the air, quilts in miniature, and quilts you could walk up to. There were quilts from around the world and by men and women. Here is a sample of the experience:


Lilo recently visited the European Patchwork Meeting in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, France and discovered a wonderful exhibit they were featuring there. Swiss quilt group patCHquilt was celebrating their thirtieth anniversary by putting on a showcase of 100 challenge quilts for the occasion. The challenge was open to all members of the group of every skill level and each quilt had to adhere to the following criteria:

  • Works must be original, not from a kit and must include a red border.
  • They must be 30 cm wide, 120 cm long, and displayed portrait style.
  • The quilt must include at least 1/2 of the Edelweiss fabric (that each person received), and feature a piece of that same fabric that is 10 cm x 10 cm in size.

To join in the celebration with patCHquilt, we will be featuring four of the challenge quilts each week that were displayed as part of the exhibition at the European Patchwork Meeting.

Please enjoy the next four quilts from Marianne Simmler, Maria Vuilleumier, Marie-Claire Luzieux, and Marlis Bruppacher.

Title of Quilt: Swiss Textile Industry in Square

Quilter's Name: Marianne Simmler

Title of Quilt: Flower Power

Quilter's Name: Maria Vuilleumier

Title of Quilt: The Duo

Quilter's Name: Marie-Claire Luzieux

Title of Quilt: Complexity

Quilter's Name: Marlis Bruppacher


What would you call me...an enabler? An influencer? Or your personal shopper, LOL! All I know is that nothing warms my heart more than someone asking me what was that quilt in the video because they have got to make it!!! As a quilter I want...no need, is to be able to walk into a brick and mortar shop and feel the fabric and ogle at the samples. I want to see close up the incredible talent that goes into piecing and quilting the layers.
A handful of years ago I made a video of The Christmas Goose in Las Vegas, Nevada. I totally admit this shop is on my top 10 "Want to revisit list". After the video was posted, I was contacted by a friend who saw a quilt that she had to make! The quilt is called Deck the Halls by Cheri Leffler. Cheri creates whimsical needle turn appliqué quilts and is a much sought after designer and teacher.
The Deck the Halls quilt is so adorable with all the Christmas mice up to their holiday celebrating. But, what really made my day was finding out and seeing the finished quilt by my friend. It took her many months of piecing and appliqué, but she now has an adorable Deck the Halls quilt.
I hope to find many more things for her and you to stitch! 2020 is going to be a year filled with adventure and quilting!
Stay tuned and travel along with us on Quilt Roadies.

Click here for Anna's blog.


If you are a crafter or sewer, Heist Jewellery has put together a list of requirements and patterns that you can use to help aid Australian animals.

From Heist Jewellery Facebook page:


Instructions for these items are available here on their Facebook page. Look for the pinned article. Click on arrows in post to go to different items.


???????? **CALLING ALL CRAFTERS!** ????????


If you or someone you know can KNIT or SEW - PLEASE HELP SAVE OUR ANIMALS! ????

We have gathered as many patterns for Knitting, Sewing or Crocheting as we can, thanks to the Animal Rescue Craft Guild ❤️

Please follow the Heroes at the Animal Rescue Collective to find out where to send / deliver these items to.

Please SHARE this to anyone you think can assist in the recovery of our Native Animals from the Catastrophic Devastation we are facing.

As of 30th December 2019 - it was estimated that we had lost almost 500 million animals.

"If only our Tears could put out the Fires" ????????
#SaveAustralia #OurAnimalsNeedYOU

Thank You to Our Heroes ❤️


NSW Rural Fire Service

Koala Hospital Port Macquarie

Mogo Zoo

Australia Zoo


Ricky sat down with quilter, teacher, and author Jo Avery at the Houston International Quilt Festival 2019. They talk about her classes, her new book, and her amazing retreats which take place in Edinburgh and the rest of the UK.


Cape Jasmine by Masako Kumagawa features four large Cape Jasmine wreaths. We can't even begin to count how many hand-stitched leaves and petals there are in each wreath. Then she caps it off by creating four smaller wreaths and a floral border. We think there might be more petals than stitches in this beautiful hand-crafted masterpiece.

Cape Jasmine was featured in the Merit Quilting Hand exhibit at the Houston International Quilt Festival 2019.



Take a look at the video from Dale at The City Quilter and see our original article from 10 years ago. How would you like to see your quilt light up the sky?

The works displayed on the Panasonic 28' X 38' Astrovision screen: Carmen Miranda by Judy Doenias; Key West Beauty by Anita Grossman Solomon; In our Time by Judy Doenias & Diane Rode Schneck; New York City Lights by Ellen Yamaguchi; and Batik Schoolhouse by Cathy Izzo.


Here is the original article:


(Amy Ronis' "Kitschin' Jane")

For the first time, quilts are being seen in Times Square! 

The City Quilter arranged with Panasonic to provide free time on its 28 ft X 38 ft Astrovision screen, high above Times Square, to promote their "MADE IN NEW YORK: City Quilting" Exhibition, taking place just a few blocks away at the Williams Club. The 15 second spot runs every 7 1/2 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the end of the exhibition on November 14.


("Wildlife" by Ellen Highsmith Silver)


Barbara Black helps you get started with your Afternoon Delight quilt by giving you tips for making appliqué blocks, both raw edge and turned edge.

Click here for Barbara's tips.

Watch Barbara in Show 2601.



Introducing Enchanted, the Kona Cotton Solids Color of the Year 2020, from Robert Kaufman fabrics. Think it will work with the Pantone Color of the Year - Classic Blue?



(photo: BBC News)

Bushfires have been ravaging Australia for months, devastating towns, rural communities and livelihoods. Here are some ways you can help.

We found the following information at C/Net.com.
How you can help:

A number of organizations and volunteer services are aiding in the firefighting and recovery efforts for affected communities. Whether you want to help the firefighting organizations, wildlife or just provide somewhere to sleep, you can find a ton of handy links and information below:

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