The dates for this year's International Quilt Festival in Chicago are April 13-15, 2007. The festival will be held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. For more information and advance ticket purchase or information on vendors, classes and exhibiits, visit www.quilts.com


Hey World Quilt Community Members! Your forum is LIVE! We are considering these first few days a 'test' mode to see if there are any technical issues with it. Web Guru Bob has fully integrated the forum into our site so that it accesses your profile information and enables you to utilize the menu bar to navigate to other features on the website.

If you are not familiar with forums or message boards, just browse around, click on a topic to read posts, add a topic of your own that relates to that main category, and DON'T FORGET TO HIT "SUBMIT". You can type a great post, but if you don't SUBMIT it, it won't post.

There is etiquette for posting. Do not post adverts for your business. The forum is not an appropriate place to do so. It is a place to share ideas, comment on issues, ask questions and get advice from others. Please remember, the advice and comments posted on the forum are not necessarily the views and opinions of The Quilt Show. Additionally, the advice posted can be good advice or 'bad' advice - you'll have to decide for yourself. The Quilt Show is not liable for any 'bad' advice you may receive.

We also ask for now that you don't use Tech Support to learn HOW to use the forum. We need you to contact Tech Support for issues where your forum feature is not working.




Without teachers whose innovative ideas and passion for sharing their knowledge, there would not be machine quilting shows like Machine Quilters Exposition (MQX). These women and men have revolutionized machine quilting, turning the general quilting industry on its ear and brought machine quilting from being shunned to an accepted art form. MQX would like to acknowledge and honor one of these teachers with the First Annual Machine Quilting Teacher-of-the-Year Award.

Nominations for this award will be accepted from December 1, 2006 through February 1, 2007. Instead of this contest being exclusively by popular vote (although popularity will certainly be considered), the winner will be chosen from nomination essays received and reviewed by a panel of impartial members of the machine quilting community. In 300 words or less, please help our panel understand how this teacher has not only impacted you as a machine quilter, but how you feel this teacher may have impacted the machine quilting community as a whole.

This award is open to all machine quilting teachers throughout the industry, not just teachers at MQX. Please submit your nomination essay by email to MQXShow@comcast.net, in a Word document if at all possible, with "Machine Quilting Teacher-of-the-Year" in the subject line.

The winner of the 2007 Machine Quilting Teacher-of-the-Year Award will be notified by phone by April 2nd, and publicly announced at the MQX Banquet and Awards Celebration on Friday, April 13th, 2007.

For additional information, call 866-675-4355, email MQX@comcast.net or visit the website www.MQXShow.com



Earlier this month I had the opportunity to go to Road to Ca. quilt show in southern Ca. It is always fun to attend these events because not only do I get to see good friends, but many times meet new friends. There never seems to be enough time at these venues. At this particular conference I had the pleasure to see the fruit of a quilt teacher's job. In my morning class, she brought several of her students and they showed me their quilts from my book Keep Quilting. In addition, the night before, a young lady came up and purchased her first quilt book, she was inspired to start quilting. The best part of my job? YOU! I can speak for all teachers, we love seeing and hearing where you are in your quilt journey.




In preparation for our Quilt HI cruise I was warned, "you know it is winter in HI right now". As I was rummaging through my closet for summer attire, I kept thinking, but she said it is winter! Sand between the toes, sunscreen on and boats bobbing in the ocean, if this is winter i'll take it! If you think cruising is an idea for you please visit www.quiltcelebration.com for information about future adventures.



John said, that if there ever was a cat that used product, it would be our Sparrow. I mean really, just check out her eyeliner (este lauder - black). We marvel at our attraction to this creature and realize that we are getting old, if a CAT can hold our attention so intensely. Although Mom knows a lady who hires a babysitter when they go out to dinner for their rabbit! As I mentioned earlier, she is allowed to sleep with us, but John said he draws the line at serving her breakfast in bed. He also commented that he was sure he heard her snapping her fingers for us this morning.85_653057.jpg



The sixth biennial Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta will be held May 24-26, 2007. The 2005 Fiesta drew almost 3000 people, in excess of 500 entries and more than 50 vendors. The Fiesta is co-hosted by 15 fiber art guilds in New Mexico and the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council, Inc. Daily admission is $5. For more information, please go to www.fiberartsfiesta.org.




I had a great time in Florida. I arrived home to find the snow was still piled high (still beautiful). However, i only enjoyed about 18 hours at home before heading out again. My journey yesterday was a drive to Denver. I have a new book in the works on Rhapsody quilts that will be published this fall by C&T (see link on left sidebar). There are 17 quilts being featured in the book made by quilters who have taken my Rhapsody classes. These quilts were in my posession for photography. Naturally, I'm using a professional photographer for these. However, for many quilters, a professional photographer is too expensive.

Quilt shows often reject a great quilt because of poor photography. Jurors don't want to see the side of your house, the garage door, or your hands holding the top of the quilt. Lighting is the most critical aspect. I'll chime in with some personal experience, but I'd like to hear photography tips and tricks from you first. Rembember to be brief. The blog only allows about 1000 charaters before it automatically cuts off your post. - Ricky

PS -
The quilt above is Dad's Lone Star. A member asked to see the quilt behind me in my photo. It was made by me and my dad. See all of my quilts at my personal website - click under my photo at top of page.



Susan Rice, aka "Susari," has made our Blog Log Cabin block and posted it in her profile. Susan says, "This is "The Quilt Show" block by Ricky. I used one piece of freezer paper for all the blocks. I put a 3/4" black insert between each piece to make the colors pop."

Way to go Susan! You too can make a Blog Log Cabin using the quilt show colors! See Blog Post on January 9 to download the pattern.

The Campbell River, British Columbia recreation department is hosting its 2nd Annual Sewing and Needle Arts Show on February 23 & 24, showcasing talent from all over Vancouver Island.  The show is a fundraiser for sewing classes for adults who have special needs.  The proceeds raised from this show will assist in the purchase of sewing machines and fabric for the class participants.  For more information please contact judy.ridgway@campbellriver.ca.

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