I got a little time to keep my hands busy during the tapings and I finished my first quilt block.  It's fun, I'm hooked.




Series Two is "in the can". Series Three will have a new dress. Here's a sneak peek at the changes. What do you think? Any guesses as to what the rest will look like? Oh yes, the previous Production File showed two guests - did you identify them?




                                                         Photo by Gregory Case

Episode 207 with Sue Patten
Many of our featured artists are using thread to make their quilts come alive with movement and texture. Canadian quilt artist, Sue Patten, shows us how to thread paint using a long-arm quilting machine. See the ShowSubscribe Now.

Sue will also be our "Featured Guest" in the chat room on April 9, 2008, at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern. Join us for an hour of tips and tricks to make quilts that really sing.


There is an assortment of businesses joining the museum and the churches on Main Street.

Of course there is a Quilt shop!  Run by Debbie Donnelly, the Mountain Valley Quilt Shop has a large inventory and friendly service.


A great bakery and lunch place.


The taping always needs quick items and the grocery is our first trip.


I didn't get to the Casa de Pajaros when it was open. I'm sad because it looked very interesting.


A Candy and toy store you will enjoy.


Some will like "this" and others "that".


It's just not shopping until you go to the Antique store, is it?


This is our bank.  It is a very small office.  We need to all join together to get them a bigger building.

Subscribe Here.


Tomorrow we will see an old Real Estate office building and I will show you a couple of Real Estate ads. Not cheap, but expect a lot of property.




The first day of taping is always full of twists and turns as we all settle into the routine. The energy on the set is very exciting. Pranks and antics abound - it's relentless. How do we possibly get anything done?


The schools in La Veta are all on the same street.  The Kindergarten, Elementary and the High School are right across the street from each other.  Ricky tells me that school week is just 4 long days.  Also, the La Veta schools are ranked in the top 10 in the State of Colorado.  The schools were not in session when I took the pictures, so I will see if Ricky or Justin can get us an idea of the student population.

In front of the Elementary School, right on Main Street, is a statue memorializing a local leader--Charlie Masinton.  The grocery store still carries his name--"Charlie's".


No! The spelling (and the dates) were not edited by The Quilt Show.com!






High School.


The High School has the traditional sign saying "Drug Free Zone".  Personally I've never been sure if that says something good about the High School or bad about the rest of the town?

Tomorrow we will look at some of the businesses.




For those who have been with us for awhile, you know that when I get home first, I have to send Alex an update.  So here we go:

Sparrow is still not eating the real food, but she will drink milk


Your view from the Sewing room has been well cared for.


The mail came.


There will be a few calls to return (40 so far, even with the message that you're out.)


We are watching for your return.  Tell Ricky, Justin, Lilo, Greg and the crew "Hi" from California.





Well - Guess what? Everyone might think that the place to be is at the studio - OH no! It is at the warehouse! Here is what a typical "sad" scene looks like after hours (of taping)and behind the scenes. Can you tell this is an internet adventure? We wonder how many laptops it takes to break the system...............as we hang out and share stories after hours - todays question was, favorite artist:

1. Bruce (far right)- Beatles

2. Gregory (next to Bruce) - Beatles and the Band

3. John (next to Gregory) - Stevie Ray Vaughan

4. Lilo (next to John) - not here to defend herself (we suspect it was Black Sabbath?)

5. Alex (front in jammies) - Beach Boys





We're two days late posting the first Production File due to "technical difficulties." It was not, however, a "wardrobe malfunction!" It is good the have the TQS production family together again. We wish you could all be here, but we know you can't. Even so, these videos give you a peek into places even our audiences don't see.

I guess the new TQS fad is to own an Elvis thimble. We've got ours - do you have yours?



As we continue down Main Street we see several churches right next to each other. The First Baptist Church has a steeple and a bell.


The United Methodist Church was next. Check out the great parsonage just below.


What a great house.


Next is the Catholic Church with an Adobe motif.


Then, behind the diner (more about that later) is another Baptist Church.


Just off Main Street in a residential area is a long, thin, very cute Episcopal Church.


Tomorrow I will show you the schools. Based on the number of churches, I'm guessing there is probably not a large discipline problem.

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