Series 2 is currently on Show 207 with Sue Patton.  Here are a couple of pictures from Gregory Case.  To see more of Sue's details go to Slideshows on the Purple bar and pick September Part 3.



To see Show 207 with Sue Patton click here.



Look what I discovered??? - Having recently purchased a projector for classes I thought "hmm, what if I project TQS directly on to the wall from my lap top?" LOOK HOW COOL THIS IS? Perhaps your local quilt shop should host a TQS night for those who do not have high speed - Popcorn anyone? 




Every time we have a shoot, we have a theme day. This time it was a "western" theme. The crew came in western wear and when the first show of the day started we decided to keep the western theme during the show. The show is not a western show, but Alex wore her Rodeo number and Ricky wore spurs.

During the lunch break we went to the historic Fort Francisco museum. The fort is part of the wild west as John Fransicso and Kit Carson were contemporaries. The old Fort Francisco is hidden in the heart of La Veta and offers tours during the summer tourist season.

We've got the next theme day for the fall already slated. What's your guess?


Light a candle, say a prayer - my PC lap top crashed in La Veta - I am wondering where the bulls eye on my chest came from? please advise  Cry (on the way home from La Veta using the hotels free access)


At the end of Main Street is an appropriately named restaurant.  It looks like the kind of hometown place you want to go.  The only problem is the winter hours.



Since I took the first picture on Friday, I guess the actual hours are known well enough that the accuracy of the sign is not really important.  Actually, isn't that what a small town is all about?

Check out the Contest on the right and join me next time we tape in La Veta, Colorado.


I'm truly hurt that no one thought I could do that quilt block below on my first try.  I couldn't, but that does not ease the pain.  I think words you thought like "piracy", "plagiarism" & "stealing" are rather harsh.  I prefer the words "sharing", "communal", & "cooperative"--they're not appropriate here, but I still prefer them.  The block was from our friend Wendy Grande and is featured in Elly Sienkiewicz's book  Romancing Ribbons Into Flowers.  Wendy and Warren joined us on our Fall Cruise last year and Wendy showed Alex some of her techniques.




One year ago today the first episode of the first season of TQS launched on our website. One year later we are in the studio shooting episode number 313 - or, our 39th show. Thanks for being a part of this incredible adventure.


There are several Real Estate Offices connected to the Buildings you have already seen, but I thought you would like to see this office in an historic building.


So here are a few of the properties for your review.  The area can actually be quite pricey, but you can end up with some land.  I believe the "Antler Chandliers" are negotiable.


My guess is that "panoramic views" means that there is nothing to block your view--absolutely nothing.


We will end our tour tomorrow with a sign that tells a city kid that he isn't in Los Angeles any more.



The TQS set is changed, but the friendships that we share with our crew have only gotten richer. Are these faces becoming familiar to you too? We couldn't do what we do without them.



        April Block "Wild Star Roses" by Sue Garman

Sue Garman, the creator of the exclusive TQS Block of the month, has brought you a basket of Wild Star Roses.  What a wonderful present for the beginning of spring.  This month you will learn how to add an additional element to your block using the stem stitch.  

If you have not begun this project, check out the Member Blogs to see the amazing variety of blocks posted by our members.  These photos should definitely inspire you.  To see the Member Blogs click here.  To join in the fun of creating the Block of the Month quilt, click here.

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