Thanks to Gregory Case, The Quilt Shows Official Photographer, and our beloved webmasters we are proud to post our slide show documenting the official antics of the first taping session of the show. Also, you will see why we love La Veta! Simply go to the skinny bar above and clique the Slideshow button. Grab a cup of jave, there are a lot, but the photos tell the story better than words could ever express. Whacha think?



With just days around the corner when gold star charter memberships will no longer (ever again) be available, we wonder how did you hear about www.thequiltshow.com? In addititon, do you have any quilting buddies you can email to help us spread the word? In a year we anticipate tens of thousands of members and we want to see charter stars everywhere!!! Please tell a friend. Cool

Photo: Cheryl Uribe


Please visit my site www.alexandersonquilts.com to listen to the interview/chat with Ricky and myself on the eve of the first taping.....Having just listened to it, I'd say it is a true snap shot of the entire scene. Coming up soon (that's called a tease in TV land) pod cast 56 is a reflection of the crazy fun filled taping days in La Veta. Photo: Gregory Case



Story Submitted by: Pattiwatti

Once upon a time, there was a quilter who decided she would enter a national quilting exhibition / contest. She was very excited as this was the first national competition she ever had entered. Wow ! A non-juried show. This was great ! No problem here.. she could easily enter three or four of her favorite quilts with the high hopes of winning the sought-after ribbon. She felt she had a good chance because the "quilt in question" had already taken Grand Champion trophy, a First Place ribbon and a Tri-Color ribbon at a county fair. Her quilt was very, very large with a black background, some lilac kaleidoscopes and a medallion of some beautiful white kittens placed ever so gently within the fussy-cut, fused and machine-appliqued center of the lilac medallion collage. So cute they were... peeking out from behind the springtime floral display. The image of the sweet little kittens was something she had never used on anything, let alone a quilt, that being an iron-on from a craft store purchased 3 years previously; you know, one of those rubbery type things you cannot iron once it's on. She and her husband, who was also very excited for her and being ever-so helpful as he always is, decided to help her prepare for packaging them off to the show people. We all know that quilts entered into any show must be clean, without odor and without PET HAIR (from the 3 cats that ruled the house). Out came the lint brushes, waving fast and furious to get said quilts off to be shipped (the next day). Alrighty then... one quilt clean, two quilts clean, three quilts clean and then onto the final fourth - the one with the kitties. "Wow, we're almost finished", they said. As she and her husband were waving their lint brushes and using some very mild scotch tape to pull out the stubborn cat hairs on this last quilt, he said to her, "This works much better than regular scotch tape!" She turned around to see her husband with the dreaded silver duct tape wrapped around his palm..... need I say more. Off came the kittens' faces. She thought she would have a heart attack! There is no hope. She decided to run to the craft store after having purchased this iron-on so-o-o long ago with the high hopes of finding another. What a miracle. Lo and behold, they had not one, but three of them left in the store. She whipped out her wallet and purchased all three. At this point, with time running out, there had to be a better way. While almost crying over this major dilemma, she meticulously picked out the stitches from the machine applique and scraped off the rest of the kitties. Aha ! A light bulb moment.. photo transfer. The kittens were now scanned into the computer, printed on some fabric, fussy cut and hand-appliqued back into their home to hide in the center of the quilt while other collateral damage repairs were done as well. The 4 quilts were on their way to the quilt show "just in time". She lived happily ever after. Can you guess who this quilter was? Yep...it was me, Pattiwatti



Gregory Case, the quilt show photographer, gave Alex and me a bottle of champagne when he arrived before the tapings last weekend. In all the hustle and bustle we never remembered to pop it open. So, Alex just called and suggested that our dye class celebrate our 10,000 member mark. We just did - complete with dye gloves! Justin is teaching the class today - I am tomorrow. Tonight - all of our Wolrd Quilt Community members should raise a glass! We've reached our first milestone. This is only the beginning! Whoo Hoo and here's to all of you!

(Photo by Shirley Hammond) 


206_971951.jpg Ten thousand!!!! Welcome everyone to our growing web community! Hey RICKY - where is that bubblie Gregory brought to the set? Break it open for Justin's class (he's teaching  a dye class today) and tip the glass for me, ok? What an exciting journey this continues to be!!!!!Tongue out



The stories link in the menu bar has new member-submitted quilt stories for you to read. If you would like to submit a story, just do so in that link by typing the story - submit it - then upload a photo to go with it. Once it gets approved it will post right on the Stories link. If you want to read the author's profile, just click their name and you will go to the profile page. There you have the opportunity to email them if you like.- Enjoy!


Cheryl (if you don't know, you will soon learn who she is) just sent me a stack of photos via email - gotta love the internet! Anyway, right before I left La Veta we hit the road to get some A&R's (Alex and Rickys), and truck after truck passed us on the road until I literally sat on the side of the road laughing my brains out (hopefully we can put something together for you to see - it got a little raunchie). What a wonderful way to end our first taping.Wow - memories........



Who said we aren't a full service web site? Meet Jeff! WinkActually, he is Ricky and Justin's master dyer and digatizer and The Quilt Shows right hand guy. Jeff wore many hats these past two weeks. From Camera guy to quilt hanger, we couldn't have done it with out you baby! Hugs and thanks!



Story Submitted by: sewraysofjoy

Ten months ago in the frenzy of getting Christmas presents planned, I knew I would not be able to do all I wanted. The thought came to me that I would send out a request page of what kind of Quilt I could make for my brother and his wife. I knew that would buy me some time. By March they sent me their specifications – all that really stuck out from the page wasn’t the size (queen) or the type (traditional) but one little word – RED. I practically had red as non-existent in my stash. Not that I didn’t like it, I loved red, but I had never worked with it. Why? Fear of bleeding? Too Red Raider-ish? Too valentiney? Nonetheless I began my red quest frenzy every time I came near a fabric store or went on a shop hop. By the end of April I had so many reds, blacks and pinks and every thing in between that I was ready to find the right pattern. First I had a great “scrappy” pattern and began slashing and slicing all the pieces. I followed the next step a quilter usually does and threw them up on a design board. “Threw up” is not to be taken lightly --- scrappy became crappy. My fears were realized; it looked like a chewed up and spit out Valentiney Red Raider horse blanket. I abandoned the whole thing – in despair. Now what? I lamented my dismay to my dear quilting friends, Maureen and Beth, as we were walking into a favorite store. I pulled out my recent magazine on the subject and began flipping through the pages. I said if I really wanted to do one right for them it should look like—this--- pointing to a pattern featured in the magazine. “So let’s look at likely fabrics”, Maureen said. Thirty minutes later we were walking out the door with all the fabric for THE ONE. I was ready to “get’er done.” Little did I realize that the 20 blocks had over 60 pieces in each of them, and I was also going to be tackling a never attempted skill of appliqué. This might take a little more than the couple of months I had planned. I didn’t even want to think about the quilting itself, so I proceeded to piece, and piece, and piece all summer long. Finally in August the top was done! I called on a few friends and we “sandwiched” the top, batting and backing together in record time. Maureen offered to teach me how to use her big long-arm quilting machine. Pushing my new fears aside, I said okay. For about 3 weeks I would go over to her house after school and quilt. I soon stopped my “white-knuckle” driving and began to really see this beauty emerging. In spite of all the imperfections, I was proud to pull it off the machine and hurry home to bind it. That gave me the slow down time to think about the label, and what I would name it. As I formed the pieces for the label Rutledge Red came to mind. That had to be it. Knowing how much Tricia loves red, and how much Tom loves Tricia, the two came together. The two words joined a perfect union, just like Tom and Tricia do. I began quilting as a selfish act as a way to work through my own grief and healing, but it has now become such a piece of myself, that I want to share it with all whom I love. But, I also hate to “push my homemad-ey” stuff on people. Hopefully this quilt created in love will be used in the same spirit it was given.

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