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The CBS website has posted a blurb about the program that will feature quilting this Sunday, March 16, 2008. If you have seen the show before, you probably know they use artworks featuring images of suns before they go to a commercial break. Ricky made the one above, and we wonder if they will use it. Keep your eyes open. Here is the current link that has the announcement; see CRAFT: quilts. TQS has a link there! Keep spreading the word.



I guess all good things must come to an end. I hope you have enjoyed The Three Sisters. In this final video, each of them share their thoughts and offer words of wisdom.

Now, out of curiosity, would you be interested in a 15 student, four day, Master Class, with the all Three Sisters (yes, THREE teachers at once) about a year from now - in La Veta? They are considering this and would love to know if there is serious interest before making the retreat official. A ball-park only figure for four days of classes, lodging, and meals is in the $1400-1500 range. If this is something you would seriously consider, please submit a comment to that effect. Your comment is not a commitment.

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So - which hat should he wear - and, shall we call him Captain? or Captain John? or....?


OK folks here is the big news….Today is John’s last day at work for a company other than our own (35 years of accounting). He is officially joining The Quilt Show full time as our guiding light. We realized that we need someone who can be the master of the ship and pull all of the details together. As you probably know, we have all managed to grow this community while holding our “day jobs”. Honestly it is a little scary (for me) but equally exciting. Not only is he thrilled with the TQS vision, but he cares deeply about our community. So WELCOME to the club John – This is going to be an exciting adventure for us. We will celebrate Sunday when I get home from PA.


Ricky has added this: John - Congratulations! To everyone else, you must understand John is not retiring - he's making a serious career move. It is a leap of faith and something that came with lots of discussion and thought. John has always been a major player in the development of TQS. We have dreamed "the impossible dream." We all feel that finally having someone in the driver's seat will help us. TQS has grown in spite of ourselves - but it must grow more if we are going to be able to continue. With John's guidance, attention to the details, and YOUR help, we are confident that we will be able to reach "the unreachable star." - Ricky



Suzanne Marshall (TQS guest on Episode 203), is the author of the new applique book, Adventure and Applique (AQS). If you would like an autographed copy, please email her. The forward in the book was written by Ricky. Remember, Ricky confesses that Suzanne was his biggest influence when he was getting started in quilting. Suzanne also has her wonderful patterns available. See Toad Boy from Episode 203. She has others as well.

Speaking of Ricky, Feathers and Urns (C&T Publishing), the first design compendium to the book Rhapsody Quilts, is also now available. There will be six compendiums and each offer the full-size freezer paper pattern of the cover quilt (in this case, Viva Violetta) and tons of related design options for you to create your own. You can find Feathers and Urns at your LQS. For autographed copies of Ricky's books, provide specific instructions for doing so when you visit his online store.



Hey everybody,

Thank you so much for all the birthday greetings and well wishes! It is such a thrill to have such a large "family." I opened a package from a group of TQS friends that contained several original quilt blocks and the items you see in the photo: A bear, because I love bears; a cowboy hat, because I wear one; bells, to keep the bears away; two pairs of glasses, because I lose mine all the time; a needle threaded, because I WILL lose my glasses; a Harley Davidson pin, because I ride one; cameras, because I take LOTS of photos; and a book with heartwarming greetings. Thank you Miss Ann for getting it all together.


Story Submitted by: BBGirl

I'm just an average quilter. I won't win any awards but that's okay with me. I recently learned first hand that every quilt contains so much more than fabric and thread. I embarked on a journey to make a quilt for my friend who was diagnosed with colon cancer and was scheduled for surgery. I had two weeks to complete the quilt. I went to my stash and started to make pinwheels because there is something about that block I really love and I could use a lot of different fabrics from my stash. After they where done, I started going through my stash to find something that would go with all these different fabrics. After auditioning and rejecting most of my stash, I remembered this fabric I had purchased several months before. As most quilters do, I had seen this fabric, touched it and just had to have it. I bought the rest of the bolt (about 3yrds) with no idea what I would do with it. It was waiting for me in a draw in my quilting room. I took it out of the draw and layed it out on my cutting table. I put the pinwheel blocks on top and "voila!" it was just right. Susie loved flowers. I started working on the quilt. I was working under a deadline and since I'm retired, I can sew whenever I want and did. My husband started bringing his book into my quilting room so he could be with me. Everything went along fine until it came time to sandwich and quilt the top. First I had to find a place to lay it out. I have three cats so the floor was out of the question. Fortunately, I remembered the large tables in our community center. I asked my husband to come with me and help. I was going to spray baste since I'm not a good pinner. Good thing my husband knows me so well and loves me anyway! He could tell I was really stressed out by all the instruction I was giving him (that's putting it nicely); make sure it's flat, smooth it out, no no no not like that, it has to be centered (you know the rest). The next day I began the quilting. The stitch in the ditch part went pretty well. Of course I did notice that the points on the pinwheels weren't quite perfect. Oh well. It was looking pretty good and I was gaining confidence. Since my husband bought me a Bernina with the BSR for Christmas I decided to try free motion stitching around the flowers, sashing and borders. I was never able to get the thread tension perfect, as a matter of fact there wasn't much that was perfect in the quilt. I started to stress out again. By this time a week had gone by and I had LIVED with this quilt. I worked late into the night, bad decision. I was so tired I was making mistakes. I went to bed. As I was drifting off to sleep, thinking about the quilt, it came to me. This quilt is not about me or the quilting. This quilt is about LOVE. Think about it. I Love quilting. I love the fabric. I love my sewing room, I love my new machine, I Love that my husband, whom I love very much, sits in my room with me while I sew and as I move the quilt around under the needle, I realize I'm thinking about my friend Susie and Loving her. The next morning I approached the day in my quilting room with renewed energy and excitement. Sure I still made mistakes and sometimes my straight line stitching had a little "jog" in it. Surprisingly I came to appreciate the imperfections. I suddenly understood that this quilt was not only about LOVE but also LIFE. My friend Susie's life will change forever but the love we share will never change and sometimes we suffer little "jogs" in life, but they can never change the beautiful person we are. I gave it to Susie the day before her surgery. It was an emotional moment for us both. She thought it was beautiful. I told her over time she would probably see all the imperfections too. That's okay, isn't that what life is all about. The quilt will always be beautiful to her as she is to me. "Love & Life"


Story Submitted by: waltzquilt

The quilt Pathways to Freedom (the Peace Quilt) honoring the works and life of Rosa Parks debuts this Saturday at the Martin Luther King Memorial Library in Washington DC. The quilt was made and designed by Geri V. Ford, two time ribbon winner at the IQA Show in Houston. The quilt is the centerpoint of the a larger photo exhibit of the life of Rosa Parks, specifically her trips to Washington Dc. Below is the press release. ROSA PARKS: BEYOND THE BUS Women’s History Month Celebration The Special Collections Division of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library in collaboration with the Washington D C/Metropolitan Regional Area Chapter of Pathways to Freedom of the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development are honoring Rosa Parks for Women’s History Month, March, 2008. The tribute, “Rosa Parks: Beyond the Bus” will honor the 21st anniversary of the founding of the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development (1987) and Pathways to Freedom, by Mrs. Rosa L. Parks and Elaine Eason Steele, the only organization established by Mrs. Parks to carry on her legacy. Rosa Parks’ lifelong commitment to children and youth will be celebrated. The tribute includes exhibits in the Special Collections Division, the Washingtoniana Division, and the Black Studies Center of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library. Featured is a collection of rare photographs produced by the Pathways to Freedom DC Regional Chapter. Some of the photographs are by three former homeless youth who were part of a National Homeless Youth Photography Program, their photos were in Life Magazine, and they became International photographers the Students continue to be in partnership with the DC Pathways to Freedom Chapter of the Rosa and Raymond Park Institute for Self-Development. The Photographers are (Charlene Williams, Dion Johnson, and Daniel Hall,) others are Professional Photographers and photojournalist, Ray Wilson, Lloyd Wolf, Mark Kerin, Jack Smith, Monica Morgan, Theodore Rice and, Ella McCall-Haygan captured poignant glimpses of the D.C. area and shared them with Mrs. Parks and the other chapters of the Institute in the U.S. and around the globe. A custom designed “Peace Quilt” is a part of the “Pathways to Freedom” collection and which chronicles the various journeys of the students while tracing civil rights/freedom trails and depicts important events in the life of Rosa Louise Parks, the Mother of the Modern Day Civil Rights Movement. Also the four books written by Mrs. Parks (some are autographed) and a few personal artifacts are displayed. Presenters for the March 15, 2008 Tribute will bring unique intimate perspectives of their relationship with Mrs. Parks and her building of the Institute to carry on her legacy. Elaine Eason Steele of Detroit, Michigan, co-founder of the Rosa & Raymond Institute for Self-Development, over a span of 47 years, was Mrs. Parks’ confidant, best friend and served as her “Chief of Staff” and caregiver prior to her transition October 2005. Anita Peek, Executive Director & Historian of the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development will profile the stories Mrs. Parks shared about her early work with young people leading to the establishment of the Institute. Additionally, long time friend Mr. William Tucker, Vice- President Bethune-DuBois Institute will speak. In keeping with Mrs. Parks’ focus youth participation is integral to the afternoon. Dramatic readings from the four books authored by Mrs. Parks will be read by children active in the Washington, D. C. Metropolitan Regional Area Chapter of the Pathways to Freedom Educational and Historical Program. Selections performed by the Miner Elementary School Choir will include audience participation in the singing of O’Freedom, Mrs. Parks’ favorite. A video produced by C-Span at Howard University on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Montgomery Bus Boycott (1998) will also be shown. The program takes place in the Great Hall of the Martin Luther King Memorial Library, Saturday, March 15, 2008 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. A reception will follow (RSVP required). Please respond by March 7, 2008, (202) 727-1213 For more information contact: Ella McCall Haygan-Regional Director Pathways to Freedom Rosa Parks Institute for Self-Development-Washington, DC/Metropolitan Area Chapter 2024-16th Street N.W. Washington, DC 20009 Office:(202)-483-0322-(301)-248-1375 fax-(301)-248-7344 Cell-(301) 704-8440 e-mail: emccallhaygan@rosaparks.org


Ricky prepares to teach free motion quilting to CBS Correspondent, Seth Doane. Photo Justin Shults.

As of this posting, CBS News Sunday Morning still has the special quilting profile scheduled for this coming Sunday, March 16. We have been told it will also post on the CBS website after it airs - so our international members will be able to view it too! We'll keep you posted for the link.

If you missed the previous blog, you can get all the details about this exciting event here.

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