For those who have been with us for awhile, you know that when I get home first, I have to send Alex an update.  So here we go:

Sparrow is still not eating the real food, but she will drink milk


Your view from the Sewing room has been well cared for.


The mail came.


There will be a few calls to return (40 so far, even with the message that you're out.)


We are watching for your return.  Tell Ricky, Justin, Lilo, Greg and the crew "Hi" from California.





Well - Guess what? Everyone might think that the place to be is at the studio - OH no! It is at the warehouse! Here is what a typical "sad" scene looks like after hours (of taping)and behind the scenes. Can you tell this is an internet adventure? We wonder how many laptops it takes to break the system...............as we hang out and share stories after hours - todays question was, favorite artist:

1. Bruce (far right)- Beatles

2. Gregory (next to Bruce) - Beatles and the Band

3. John (next to Gregory) - Stevie Ray Vaughan

4. Lilo (next to John) - not here to defend herself (we suspect it was Black Sabbath?)

5. Alex (front in jammies) - Beach Boys





We're two days late posting the first Production File due to "technical difficulties." It was not, however, a "wardrobe malfunction!" It is good the have the TQS production family together again. We wish you could all be here, but we know you can't. Even so, these videos give you a peek into places even our audiences don't see.

I guess the new TQS fad is to own an Elvis thimble. We've got ours - do you have yours?



As we continue down Main Street we see several churches right next to each other. The First Baptist Church has a steeple and a bell.


The United Methodist Church was next. Check out the great parsonage just below.


What a great house.


Next is the Catholic Church with an Adobe motif.


Then, behind the diner (more about that later) is another Baptist Church.


Just off Main Street in a residential area is a long, thin, very cute Episcopal Church.


Tomorrow I will show you the schools. Based on the number of churches, I'm guessing there is probably not a large discipline problem.


Capt'n John.--Stick with me for a walking tour of La Veta, CO.  This is Ricky's Home and the town where the show is taped.


Next door to the Quilt Gallery is the La Veta School of the Arts.  One of the Arts taught is welding.  This sculpture is a mass of different kinds of welds.  They use iron & aluminum and after each class the object d' art grows.


As you start down Main Street you see the museum which has some of the old buildings preserved.



There are a number of churches very close to each other.  Some are old and some have interesting architecture.  Join me tomorrow as we continue down Main Street.



On your mark, get set, go!  The taping has started.  "Those are beautiful, but are they quilts?"  "Can I do something like that?"  (Yes!) What is that new feature called? When is Western day?  Lots of questions and lots of fun. Production videos to be coming soon. 


Remember, if you want to be in La Veta as our guest just enter the "Tell a Friend" Contest by clicking the banner on the right.  It's free and easy and will put you in the front seat.  This contest includes our international guests.  So check the rules for the exact details and enter now. 



Alex is back in her office.  Please, do not touch her wooden box of tools!  I guarantee that even Simon Cowell would be embarrassed by her critique.


So where am I working? In the sorting room, where we organize all the items the artists need to have for the show.  


Lots of great ideas, tools and books.  We'll keep you posted.  I hope to give you a short tour of the town in the next couple of days.  Back to sorting.




Capt'n John---I love to see new places early in the morning.  Alex needs to rest, so I wandered off to welcome the day.


The crew is all here and ready to go.  Keep your eyes on the blog for pictures and videos as we move forward with the taping. 


Also, remember to click the "Slideshows" on the purple bar to see Gregory Case's views of La Veta from past tapings.  He even has a camera that you don't throw away after 24 shots!






Our TQS family is arriving in a steady stream. First, one from Co Springs, two from Denver and now a BUNCH from N.Y. and Chicago - OK - can you name everyone in the picture? Hint - there is one new face among the crowd. Tomorrow, more of our family will be arriving and on Thursday - time to rock and roll!




OK - so compared to the first time I was driven to La Veta - well......let's just say what a difference our journey was. Today, back to Pueblo to shop for some great suprises in series 3!


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