Time to talk about "stuff". As you can imagine we have been getting a lot of input from you. These issues seem to come up over and over, so here you go:

  1. How do I enlarge the image to full screen? Simply right clique the middle of the picture with your mouse and hit zoom in. This will diminish the quality, but some of you with smaller screens like this better than clarity. As Ricky explained in an earlier blog, we have pushed the size to it’s fullest ability – thus the environments.
  2. Regarding listening – Many have found it beneficial to use ear phones. On my laptop this works splendidly.
  3. Regarding Lighting and Sound – We hear you and we agree. These issues are being addressed. This is why we taped just six shows for the first shot out of the barrel.


We appreciate all the comments and look forward to making YOUR site the best it can be.


This is a portion of a letter that is just too good not to share! We ARE getting letters from around the world - literally! If you are a star member you can go to the country of your choice and see who is quilting there. Perhaps you should check out your families roots and connect with the quilter there. It is a NEW DAY and our world is just getting smaller! Laughing

"I've just watched the first epidosde of the Quilt Show -- what fun! You all are really onto something great, and a big thank you for doing this! I look forward to exploring the rest of the web site, too. The show is like an online magazine, show, class and more all in one.

Just want to let you know where I live and where I watched this: I'm an American that lives in Kazakhstan -- my husband works at the US Embassy here in Astana. So truly, quilters "do get around." "

OK - I didn't buy a Harley. John and I took that snap shot at Livermore Harley (thank you guys!) just to drive Ricky and Justin crazy. I asked for the most expensive bike and the owner slapped a sold sticker on it. Busted! (green shoes are enough for this small town gal)


I have received several comments (some not so great) chastizing me for not showing the whole quilt. Shame on TQS, we know better than that. EmbarassedUpon your request here is. I LOVE this quilt and it is the first thing you see when you walk into my quilting room. Also, one more thing for the record, I am 52, not 55 as I implied on the show. GGEEZZEE - I guess the excitement of the first six shows just got to me. LOL


OK- some of you HATE them and some of you LOVE them. For the latter, go down to Dancing Shoes blog - the link for the store is there. They are super comfortable, run true to size and they DO ship!




Now that I have everyone’s attention, thank you for all your kind words and positive critiques. We worked very hard to assemble the best team possible for the first six shows and look forward to taping the next round. “It’s a New Day” is our motto and we believe that day is now. Quilting is so much more than simply sewing patches of cloth together. Quilting is a lifestyle and interestingly we quilters have a unique quality that I am not sure exists in any other subculture. Although we come in different human body packages our hearts and spirits seem to be much a like. Personally, I have never met a quilter I didn’t like or feel instantly connected to. Our show plans to celebrate who we are as a community along with learning the “how tos” of quilting. We are much more than a nine patch. If you are a quilter, you know this to be true.


As an aside, I learned the other day that our endeavor would not have been possible six months ago. We are truly pioneering a new mode of communication and embrace the possibilities. Sure, there are some little wrinkles and we are addressing them. But hey, isn’t that how quilts start out? Piece by piece we are committed to building our world web community one step at a time. Thank you for jumping on board with this new and exciting format and we thank you.


And now it is time, just as promised for show number two! Vikki Pignatelli joins us for inspiration and teaches great techniques to broaden our quilt making skills. Her soulful spirit sings life into her beautiful work.

Episode 102 is Now Online - Enjoy the Show

Click above or go to the Episode List under "Watch a Show"


Here we go - time to celebrate! Have fun, It's a NEW DAY! Quilters world wide, unite!!! Thank you for helping us build YOUR site.

Episode 101 is Now Online - Enjoy the Show

hhmm...........2:20 left to go. I KNOW that Joe will make you smile! Do you bury your knots? I need all the support I can get!


Yikes - well, I'm just at a loss. You try everything and then - Kaput! Crash - and the whole thing just goes up in smoke! Just kidding - April Fools!

Now that I've got your attention! Congratulations to all of you - our World Quilt Community Members. Your enthusiasm has exceeded our hopes for membership totals at the launch date - over 15,000 total members and over 10,000 Gold Star Charter Members! This evening/tonight at midnight East Coast Time, the option for Gold Star Charter Member will disappear forever and the first show will be clickable. The long wait is over - well, at least we think so.

We want to continue to ask for your patience as we have no idea what the draw will be on the servers. What we do know is that everything works as it should. If it is not working there is most likely something amiss on your end. The servers will be monitored and if something is awry on our end, we'll hop in it immediately.

For example, wireless connections can be very good and strong and then just blip out for seconds causing pauses or delays in the video. We understand that firewalls on personal computers may or may not interfere with the streaming content. We also reaize that tech support questions will continue to come in and we want you to know that we will answer all of them as soon as possible. There are a million reasons why you might not get a smooth playing video, but 95% of you should have no problem at all.

The biggest thing we know is that what we are doing could not have been done six months ago. The technology we are using is THAT new. All of you that have had technical issues have been extrememly gracious and patient. Thanks for that attitude - it really helps!

Please remember if the video is not playing at all, there might be a server overload - like phone calls to grandma on Christmas Day several years ago. But, once again we'll be monitoring this and if necessary, we'll make reports to you right here on the blog.

Now - it really is A NEW DAY!

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