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When my daughter was first born she slept in a sling on my chest while I sewed her baby quilt. Later I would lull her to sleep in her bouncy seat as it rocked on the table in time with my machine. When she learned how to crawl she stole small squares of fabric from my scrap bin and and would cry when I tried to take them back. Eventually when she started to talk and I made her quilted story books and she learned her animals from their squishy pages. When I was pregnant with my Son and she was just barely 2 she helped me sort my scraps into color boxes so I could start his baby quilt. Often when I'm auditioning fabrics on the design wall she adds "interesting" selections to the piles. On occassion when she hears my machine running she begins a chant of Sew Sew Sew as she skips around the house. I take her with me to the fabric stores and each time she insists on a piece (1/8th of a yard) just for her. She has them all stashed on her shelf in my sewing room. Then one day a few weeks ago I was out of energy because of chemotherapy treatments and hadn't sewn in weeks. I came downstairs to find her sitting at my sewing machine. She had turned the machine on all by herself and had piles of her stash fabric at her feet. With all the honesty and joy of a 2 1/2 Year Old she looked at me and said... "I sew for you Mommy!" I knew in that moment that I had shared my joy in Quilting with her and she, in her own way, had understood that I couldn't enjoy it. Whether it be giving them a teaching aid or asking them for a helping hand, children are never too young to learn the Joy of Fabric :) Though I now have to unplug my Sewing machine petal! (Just in Case) :)


Color, texture and inspiration - what more could a quilter ask for? Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 22 & 23 - 9:00 - 4:00 - free. Featured artist - Valori Wells. For information please call 925-447-0280 concerning classes and lectures - we would love to see you!



YIPEE! Quilting in the Garden is around the corner. Next weekend, September 22 & 23 Alden Lane Nursery op, Livermore, CA opens their doors to quilters world wide. Hours - 9:00 - 4:00, Saturday and Sunday - admission free - classes and lectures still open- Please call 925-447- 0280 for more information regarding prices and schedule. See you there!



Yet another Super Seminar under our belts - We, Ricky, Libby, Justin, Pat and myself always feel a little torn when it is time to go home. New faces, new friends and just an all around SUPER time for us. Knoxville - thank you for opening your generous arms to us. It was GREAT meeting so many of YOU - we had a WONDERFUL time!! Livermore, CA - you are NEXT - my home town.




Susan Cleveland, quilt designer, author and teacher will be our guest artist in chat room "Featured Guest" Monday September 17 at 6:00pm Pacific/9:00pm Eastern. Susan will share with us more tips on how she adds piping to curves to avoid curved piecing. Her piping technique adds just the right amount of "pop" to many of her award winning quilts.



"Fun in the Fall" by NancyAnn1959

All of you that have been working on our Fishing With Pop Pop project should at this point have all of the major segments ready. Now the fun begins. You can add personal touches to make the quilt all your own. "Fun in the Fall" has some great ideas that you may want to incorporate in your piece. If you look closely there are rabbits and trees that extend into the border. Let NancyAnn1959 be an inspiration for your masterpiece. And be sure to let us all see your quilt in the Quilt Gallery. Every day we are getting closer to our goal of 36,000 quilts. For Part #4 directions click here.



"Triangle Terpsichord" by SandiH

Has this ever happened to you? You buy a pattern for a quilt, begin working on it only to find that you are in way above your skill level? No amount of fussing and fidgeting with the quilt helps. The excitement has totally been ruined by the frustration of not getting all of the parts to fit together. Don't throw it out or use it to mop up that oil spill in the garage. Maybe it's time to set the quilt aside for a bit of a rest.

SandiH purchased this quilt pattern from Keepsake Quilting in 1993. A beginning quilter at the time, she soon found herself frustrated by the borders. They just would not fit. So she set the quilt aside. Nine years, and many quilts later, she was able to sew the borders on with no problem. Her skill level had improved greatly over the years.

Why don't you dig out a UFO from that black hole in your closet and see if the quilt that frustrated you in the past is now a piece of cake to complete. You just might be surprised how much you have learned. And be sure to post a photo of your completed work. You just might be the winner of a Ricky Tims' Rhapsodie Quilt. Click here for the details.



Our journey continues - only to greet an astonishing wilderness adventure.  Remember to put all this excitement (and most of the colors) into your fishing with Pop Pop quilt.



Finally - I made it here - never mind I was on the wrong plane to Chicago. ALWAYS - right before the seminar everyone is hustling and bustling to get the details just right - I thought it might be fun to see a "before" image. The stage is set, complete with quilts. Some people wonder, "how will I get to see with so many people?" . Check out the screen to the right. It doesn't get better than this! Next seminar will be in my home town, Livermore, CA (Jan 08). From the back side of the venue, you can see Jackson Ave school - where I attended as a child. BTW: That seminar is going to fill - if you are thinking about coming, I suggest you get on board asap.




"On My Walk" by Kitkavitch

As the aspen leaves in Colorado begin to turn their glorious shades of gold we at TQS look back over a wonderful and busy summer. Many of us spent time in our gardens, hiking with dogs, traveling, or vacationing with family and friends. Time passes too quickly but we can capture snippets of these memories. Ricky loves to take photographs, Mary Fisher writes in her journal, and TQS member Kit created this quilt to remind her of morning walks with her dogs. How do you capture special moments in your life?

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