But that is OK - the quilters rose to the occasion (much like the geranium on Ricky's porch) and Quilting In The Garden went on as planned. All the quilts couldn't be hung, but that didn't dampen the spirit of the day. Tomorrow, RISE and SHINE - forecast - SUNNY! All the quilts will go up under the fabulous oaks and I will see you there. Because I am now a camera videotographerediter (is that a word?) a miniseries of the event will soon be posted. BTW: I met a ton of folks who understand, It's a New DAY!

(AND look who showed up? Gregory Case - Photo Man!)




Sometimes life comes at you hard. I've been there. There are times when life can dish out overwhelming obstacles and sometimes the will to overcome hardships or discouragement dwindles to almost nothing. The things we enjoy doing - quilting for example - can start off with excitement, but obstacles often douse the flame of passion and before long, a once inspiring project will be put aside for a less challenging, more exciting endeavor. Sometimes the passion for life and living can also diminish and discouragement takes root to begin the long spiral downward to despair.

As I walked up the steps to the gallery this morning I looked left and saw the potted rose bush that never got planted. I thought, "This has got to get transplanted." Then I noticed the geranium in the crack at the foot of the steps.

On the gallery porch we have lovely potted geraniums. They are watered frequently and we do our best to keep them looking good for the visitors who come our way. It appears that sometime this summer the wind must have broken off a sprig of the geranium and it blew behind the bench at the bottom of the steps out of sight and in a grungy unattended area. I suppose this geranium, rootless, broken, and separated from its 'mother' could have withered and died. However in this unattended, barren area, enough sand and debris collected, enough rain fell from the heavens to allow this orphan sprig to take root and scream, I'm alive! I will survive! I will not give up and I will find a way to inspire others to suck it up, be brave, tackle adversity, thrive, live, and celebrate life."

This abandoned, isolated sprig of a geranium, living in the most difficult of conditions, will have done more today than all the pampered blossoms on the porch. It enourages me. It makes me realize that there is always hope. Nothing is too difficult to overcome, and when I experience adversity, discouragment, depression - perhaps, instead of giving up, I too can dig in, survive, find a strong determination to overcome the situation and ultimately be an inspiration and encouragement to those around me.




Greetings TQS World Quilt Community members!

So you ask - is Ricky ill? Is he mad? What's up with Ricky? Well, the truth of the matter is that since July 5 I have been going non-stop. I have only had three personal days away from work since then. We have completed three seminars (these are really MAJOR events) and the travel time, set up time, seminar time, break down, and travel home takes a toll.

Besides that I really did have the Rhapsody quilt deadline - so I stopped the Rhapsody Reality Blog so I could do nothing but concentrate on that quilt and get it to the photographer in time for the deadline - which I did, but I could not possibly shoot and edit video on top of that insanity. We'll get back to it, I promise. You have to have the patience of a Jedi warrior. I will unveil that quilt in time. Patience, Luke, Patience!

I returned home from the Knoxville seminar Tuesday night. The last three days I have had another quilt to finish for a pattern that is coming out with JWD Publishing at Fall Market. So, once again, I'm in overdrive. This photo gives you a sneak peek at that quilt.

Of course then there is the matter of finalizing all the edits, exports and imports associated with show 110 which posts on Monday.

As you can tell, I lolligag a lot, eat bon bons and watch re-runs of Lucy. Life is grand. LOL. The most imporant message is that I am in this for the long-haul so I have to manage my time, meet the deadlines that pay the bills, and find a balance to keep TQS strong. Thanks for understanding that my time is overloaded. I'll be heading to NY for a field shoot then off to Wichita Falls, TX for a concert en route to market and festival in Houston. I fly directly from Houston to Japan for two weeks. My next real breather is two days before Thanksgiving - late November.

Oh yes, then there is the painting and designing on the new fabric for Red Rooster.

Can you say, "Neck Deep in Aligators?"




"There's No Place Like Home" by Denise

Are many of you overwhelmed by the thought of working on an entire quilt when you see a great pattern in a magazine or shop? Like most of us you are probably juggling work, kids, laundry, meetings, etc. and find the prospect of having enough time to devote to this new project difficult. Where will you find the time to spend all of the hours sewing?

Well, have you ever thought of a Block of the Month quilt? Just as the name implies, you only need to make one block each month. That length of time allows you to work whenever you get a chance and not feel pressured to "produce". There are many options to choose from regarding the type of Block of the Month you can participate in. Do you want to try your hand at paper piecing? Or maybe you have been admiring those wool applique quilts at recent quilt shows? The choice is yours.

How you receive your monthly packet is also up to you. Many quilt stores run a Block of the Month (BOM) with fabric kits and directions for that block. Each month they have the new block on display along with everything you need to make it. Or, you might choose an internet shop that will send you everything through the mail.

Denise made this BOM and discovered that she loves applique. Either way, it is a fun way to make a quilt without too much anxiety. Why not give it a try?



Take a look what member Bridget473 posted on her personal blog and YouTube..........Kudos for this blog Bridget! Click here to watch it.



Who can resist a child that wants to join in when you are quilting?  Allison's daughter has been surrounded by fabric and quilting all her young life.  It is only natural that she should want to start her own "project".  Read the entire article in Stories.  It is certain to make you smile.  Maybe there is someone in your life that wants to spend time learning about your passion of quilting.  Be a mentor and pass on the tradition.


Sadly, Laurel Burch has passed away. Thank you trilby41 for bringing this to our community's attention in the member blogs. Laurel has been an incredible designer over the years and she will be greatly missed.


Read more about Laurel Burch

And so we tried.....................


Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day - September 19th - ALL DAY





San Diego, California, USA - The new Visions Art Quilt Gallery continues its inaugural year of exhibitions with a joint show of leading quilt artists.  The focus of the Gallery is to display the quilt medium as fine art. 

The current exhibition Three Voices/Three Visions, opened August 26, showcases the work of three remarkable artists:  Elizabeth Barton, Katie Pasquini-Masopust, and Fran Skiles. 

 For more informatio see Visions Art Quilt Gallery

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