"Out of Africa Baby" by ardyt

Sometimes it takes a special project for a friend to get you out of your comfort zone.  "Out of Africa Baby" was made as a baby quilt.  Mom has a Masters in African Art History so African fabrics were the obvious choice.  Ardy did not think she would like the fabrics, but soon found herself loving the bright colors and patterns. The pattern is original but inspired by the work of Sandy Cummings

The next time you decide to make a quilt why not go out on a limb and work in colors and patterns that are out of your usual arena.  Who knows, you just might find you like a whole new range of fabrics to add to your collection.


Sorry but the following link was removed from YouTube for copyright issues. It was the William Tell Overture sung by a very experienced mom. - Very funny. 






If you are web savy, no doubt you have http://www.quiltersbuzz.com/ ear marked in your favorites. We LOVE Gina for her enthusiasm, insight and so much more. Today, take a moment to check out the latest post - it is from Photo Man's observations of Quilting in the Garden 07!

(Photo by Gregory Case)




    "Accrington Brick" by drlodown

If you have spent any time walking around a quilt store lately you probably saw these beautiful bundles of fabrics called "Jellyrolls"on display.  They are 2 1/2" x 44" strips of one entire fabric line wrapped up like a cinnamon bun and tied with a ribbon.  Very yummy, but what exactly can you make with it?  It certainly is not enough to make a lap or bed quilt. 

TQS member drlodown designed this very sweet baby quilt with a jellyroll pack.  She actually has some fabric left over.  You could also make a wallhanging or table runner.  Think of all of the  holiday gifts for family and friends you could whip up in a short time.

The next time you need to come up with a small quick project think of a jellyroll.  For more pattern ideas check out Strip Happy by Donna Kinsey.  They are very delicious without all of the calories.


Last night while I was editing Quilting in the Garden Vid blogs there was a knock at the door. The gentleman, Mr. Redding, who was collecting money for abused kids instantly commented on my haircut. I replied that was a good pick up line and then he broke into............. - This is a REALLY true story!



Rain and shine the show went on. This year's featured artist was Valori Wells from Sister's OR. Valori, her Mom (Jean Wells) and baby Violet made the treck from OR to share, present and tempt our pocket books with fabulous goodies.




Terese Agnew was walking through a department store one day and noticed the signs of all of the designers posted amongst the garments for sale.  Having recently met a couple of garment workers, she realized that their identity and was rarely thought of and deliberately hidden.  She became inspired to create a work of art utilizing the tags from the garments themselves.  Her work is based on a photograph taken by Charles Kernaghan of a labor worker in Bangladesh.

There was a massive campaign to aquire the labels, with thousands of people painstakingly cutting the labels from garments.  She used the labels in numerous ways to create shading, background and a border.  "I have always been fascinated with how the work of art becomes an artwork", she says.  "Twenty years ago I started out as a public sculptor.  My early work included large-scale installations that involved hundreds of people in the art making process.  Their involvement demonstrated the potential for people's labor to become a form of public communication".  In 1991 she started making art quilts in addition to sculpture. 

You can learn more about Terese's work by clicking here.




Episode 110 with Pam Holland is now showing!

Australian quilt artist, photographer and fashion designer Pam Holland will be our special guest in chat room "Featured Guest" Thursday September 27, 2007 at 6:00pm Pacific/9:00pm Eastern. Pam will share insights into the creation of her "1776" quilt. Her journaling and quilt odyssey led to the publication of the book The 1776 Quilt: Heartache, Heritage and Happiness by Breckling Press.



photos by Annie Smith 

Annie Smith, future TQS guest, has a wonderful website with loads of audio podcasts. She recently interviewed both Alex and Ricky. To hear these interviews, go to Annie's website, simplearts.com, and listen to Program 99 (Ricky) and 100 (Alex). This is a great site to bookmark and visit on a regular basis.




Some of you may remember that I started a courhouse steps log cabin variation on the Rhapsody Reality Blog while I was sewing on the treadle machine at the Bertie Marie cabin. I didn't know what would become of that, but I had some ideas spinning around in my head. We'll here it is. Mi Cabina is finished! I sent it off to JWD Publishing (Joen Wolfrom) today.

I designed this for the beginner, those who are looking for a fairly fast/fun project, and to make as a snuggle quilt. It measures about 71 x 82 - not huge, but not small either. While I put bears on the top of mine (are you surprised?) you could put any motif such cats, dolphins, trees, etc. - on yours. The pattern for this quilt - which is amazingly easy - but more planned that it looks - will be released at Fall Market. Maybe we'll all make one together? What do you think? Thanks to Marian Pierce who pieced the cabin blocks for me while I was teaching/performing in Nashville last month. I did the final assembly, applique and quilting.

Visit JWD Publishing to see the other patterns they have which include patterns by both Alex and myself.

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