Several have asked, where are we taping? If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting Ricky and Justin's art quilt gallery in La Veta CO, then you know what a fabulous space they have.While La Veta is a bit off the beaten trail, it is worth the effort to get here. The quilts from the gallery have been cleared and the set has been put up. To get a sneak peek of the gallery, visit Ricky's gallery page on his website at www.rickytims.com and browse around. You won't see the set for the show, but you will see the space. It is spectacular. The producers and crew start arriving Wednesday, it's a new day and the new day is NOW!



186_705699.jpg So who cares it was SSOO cold last week when I arrived, even us California girls know how to pack! Ricky assured me that this was nothing compared to the first of the year (you might remember the blog with the snow VERY high).

But apparently the word got to the powers that be and Mother Nature is cooperating. Both Shirley and Gretchen are preparing the path for our guests, the crew and parents. That's right, both Ricky's folks and mine plan to be here. This is going to be a TRUE family affair!




Story Submitted by: RickyTims

I started this project the summer of 2004, using fabric I had on hand but didn't like, thinking it would probably end up in the trash. Well it did work and I was stuck with what I was now calling the Ugly Quilt. I had help picking out boarder fabrics and hoped while I hand quilted it, I would start to like it. No such luck until, I put it through the washer and dryer for the first time. I spent a lot of time on the Ugly Quilt and was eager to see it clean and dry. When I pulled it out of the dryer the fabric had bled through the backing and all the stitches were red/orange, I was sick!! I put it back through the wash and said a prayer. It came out beautiful - From Trash to Treasure!!


So here they come, all 12 legs of them. The girls Katie, Wanda and Raisin came to check things out here at the quilt show. their only comment about the set, was "where are the doggie beds?". Other than that, they too are very pleased with the progess of things.


A reoccuring question that seems to be surfacing is, what about a block, fabric (or other quiltie related) swap within this site? That would be great and the forum would provide the perfect platform for this. However, you must understand that it will NOT be moderated by administration. May we suggest a chat is organized at a certain time and then you can decide on the "rules".



Quilts are once again up for auction for Alzheimer's research. Every cent acquired from the purchase of these heartfelt works goes to toward finding a cure for this dreadful disease.

There's a very little quilt going for a TON of money on the Alzheimer's auction. It's machine quilted on a long arm and is absolutely awesome. It's 8 1/2 x 11 INCHES and is already up to $250 after 3 days. The auction goes until the 10th of March.

Ami Simms', coordinator of the project, thinks the top price previously paid for a Priority: Alzhiemer's Quilt was $325 for one made by Charlotte Warr Anderson which was sold in Houston. On auction the highest ever was $250. Let's knock this one out of the ball park.

Take a look: http://www.amisimms.com/700zestforlife.html


182_577480.jpgYou can see we are settling in nicely together. Never mind that Justin has a spread ALL TO HIMSELF!

But neither Ricky or I are complaining because while we are up stairs working away (if that is what you call it) Justin is down stairs getting the set all shaped up. On Sat and Sun Rick, the set guy builder, and Justin were/are sawing their hearts out to prepare ceiling baffles to be covered with Hobbs batting and P&B solids. What is a baffle you ask? it is a sound absorber for the room so it doesn't echo while we tape. Like the colors? I am giving you a set "hint".




Hey, I'm not the normal guy! I DO notice things - and I have noticed that Alex has been encroaching inch by inch into my work space. Yesterday she completey invaded my side of the office. By the way - For those who have thought we must live and work in ivory towers, this should prove quite the contrary - this isn't Hollywood baby - this is real - and we LOVE it!

Yesterday Alex and I put aside the creative 'office' work and went down to the gallery to hlep Justin and our set builder, Rick, with construction. Check out Alex's blog for photos of the Quilt Show colors going up on the set! It's a New Day - Whoo Hoo!



HHMMM............ While the guys are working on the set,.....I wonder how long before Ricky will notice that slowly but surely my office area is growing?


179_523815.jpg Right at this moment I am sitting at Ricky's left hand side working on voice overs. A voice over are the words you hear when a show airs a field piece, a sort of narration to the story line. When "piecing" these segments together, everything has to be synched to fit with perfect timing. Thank goodness Ricky has his new control room (he called me from my office to join him).

Along with all the technical stuff, the set is coming into the studio piece by piece, literally. Here is Ricky fitting our Quilt Show Demo table into one unit. Come to think of it, this whole endevor is like making a quilt. Many pieces joined as one, making a comfortable place to be in.

I'll keep you updated as much as I can................

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