Paducah, KY, USA - The National Quilt Museum, Museum of the American Quilter's Society, welcomed United States Secretary of Labor Elaine L. Chao with a special tour on October 3rd, during a visit to Paducah.

The museum's Executive Director May Louise Zumwalt, Curator of Collections Judy Schwender and Director of Public Affairs Jessica Byassee provided an interactive tour through the galleries of more than 150 quilts by national and international quilters as well as a display of children's hands-on activities.

The first Kentuckian named to the President's cabinet since 1945, Secretary Chao is married to the United States Senate's Republican Leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Click here for more information about The National Quilt Museum.


For the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of visiting the East Coast of North America. First, it started with a fall cruise with Quilt Celebration www.quiltcelebration.com. Over two hundred quilters and friends made their way from New York to Montreal. What an incredible treat for all, including John who got to join us. Along the way, I had the pleasure of meeting several of you - FINALLY - faces with names - or should I say faces of long time Internet friends. It would be hard to pick my favorite port because each came with it's own treasurers. After the cruise, John and I went back to NY City and had the pleasure of hanging out with Paula Nadelstern. We walked and walked from here to there, and quickly came to understand why she loves her city so much. In the evening we went out to dinner with her husband and enjoyed a splendid NY dinner. I have been so inspired - time to head home - time to create! (I wonder if my kittie missed me.........my guess is that she is going to bite me, that seems to be the welcome home bedtime drill - lol) 
PS: Of course, videos to follow - from pirates to men in skirts! 

Teacher and quilt artist Ann Fahl is the featured guest in Episode 111 that airs today.  Ann brings us whimsical quilts featuring the antics of her beloved cat Oreo.  Her quilts are sure to bring a smile to your face.  Ann will also show how we can create our own colorful cat quilt pattern.



Many of you may have missed the recent Ricky Tims telephone interview with Penny Halgren on October 15, 2007.  Penny has been so kind to allow our TQS members to read the transcript of the interview at no cost.  To read the interview transcript click here.

Penny will also be interviewing Alex live on December 10, 2007 at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern. 

Dial (620) 294-3005--Pass code 3639#

      To mute yourself out *6

      To un-mute *6

If you register prior to the interview on December 10, 2007, you will receive additional information about the call prior to that evening.  To register click here.




She crossed to the other side - Celebrating the fact that a new quilter is born- Welcome to the club Jacquie - and thank you, once again, for lending your nursery to the quilters. See you next year, 4th weekend of September.




   "Russian Sunflower" by qltcrzy 

As the leaves change color and the nights begin to cool, we cling to the memories of summer.  All too quickly the flowers in the garden begin to fade and turn to seed.  Before long the beauty of the garden is only a memory as we wrap ourselves heavy coats and woolen sweaters. 

But each season creates a beauty all its own. Fall brings the glorious colors shades of yellow' orange and red to the trees.  Winter is that touch of glitter you see when peering through a frosty window.  Spring brings us excitement as we spot the first flower buds opening.  And before we know it the weather is once again warm and sunny.  So enjoy each season for what it has to offer us.



I am back in the saddle - I KNOW you have been a waiting with baited breath for the Quilting in the Garden docudrama to continue (AHHH to be in a hotel with decent speed internet)- Quilt Show History of Alden Lane-




   BOM in progress by TQSWizard

As we all know, life often gets in the way keeping us from working on our quilt projects.  There seems to be so little time to do the fun stuff.  Recently I suggested that you might want to consider a Block of the Month project.  After all, you only need to make one block a month.  Everyone should be able to accomplish that.  

I decided to begin this yearlong BOM project called Flowers and Flutters when I saw it in my local quilt store in July.  As the pattern series began in January I had some catching up to do.  But, as you can see I only need to complete the block for October at this point.  Woohoo!

The original design has a background of creams.  I want my quilt to have more punch, so I chose black instead.  I also substituted some of the fabrics in a couple of blocks to suit more my taste.  After all this is going to be a quilt for my family.  The quilt police aren't going to come to my house to scold me.

The pattern and fabrics chosen are based on the designer's taste.  They are only a suggestion not the law.  If you don't like an aspect of the design or fabrics, change it.  The end result is a quilt that is more of a reflection of you.




   "Winter Dance" by Margo 

Are you looking for a project to carry along when sitting around in waiting rooms, sports practice or other such occasions?  How about an applique' quilt project?  Margo's quilt is an example of just such a project. The pattern is from the book "Once Upon a Season" by Piece O Cake Designs.  But of course you don't have to begin with such a complex design. 

There are many patterns available that suit the "newbie" to the more experienced quilter.  Each block is worked on individually.  So it is small enough to carry along when you go out.

If you are not sure where to begin, ask the staff at your local quilt shop for assistance.  They will be more than happy to find a pattern that is suited to your interest and skill level.  Your local library is also a good source for books with patterns.  For an exellent tutorial on the applique' method Alex showed on Episode 110 click here.



Over the past few months I have had several emails from members who have expressed gratitude for what TQS has taught them. So I ask you, "What quilting skills, internet skills, computer skills, techiques from the shows, or other tidbits of knowledge have you learned since joining this year. Have you learned to edit photos so you can post online? Have you purchased a new tool seen on the show that made your quilting experience easier? Have you learned about relationships from being in the community or have you learned to type better? How broad has the TQS experience been for you?" We don't want you to be quiet on this - so blast us with comments on what TQS has taught you. Alex, for example, has learned to edit video!!! I have learned how "tease and toss to break".

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