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We have a group called, The Knotty Quilters, which is a branch of The Cheshire Quilt Guild of Keene NH. We gather every Tuesday, spending the day quilting and sharing. With the support from other guild members’ time and money, our group completed our first emotionally charged project. We completed two quilts and a set of curtains, transforming a room at The Cedarcrest Center. This center is a home for medically fragile children, who cannot live without 24/7 care. Some never leave this facility until they get older and are transferred to a nursing home. This facility also offers families, which never can vacation due to the constant demands these fragile children have. Many people out there don't even realize this place exists. The staff is absolutely marvelous, caring more than words can describe. There is also a teaching staff for the children, which follow the same school curriculum as our children. This first room makeover was for a young girl. She was so excited to have her own room when she arrived at this center, we can only imagine her glee upon entering this room after our makeover. Included are the before and after pictures. The staff was overwhelmed with our generosity. We look forward to the other rooms we will be completing. They take such wonderful care of these children; they even take the time to fold the quilts each night, and set them aside, making them last for years, for the children have years of visual pleasure. They have some quilts over 10 years old, which have been kept in marvelous condition. We cannot wait to start the next room. We walked away that day feeling blessed to have the opportunity to make a difference.


Dear Alex,

Here I sit in the Phoenix airport with many others spread out on chairs and on the ground. I happen to have a prime seat next to a poll with an electrical outlet. The plane is going to be an hour and a half late, if I'm lucky.


I really enjoyed my first exposure to the taping of the the shows. The audiences were happy and enthusiastic. The crew was talented and dedicated. The guests were great. I enjoyed your good friend @@@@@@ who had a new technique she showed. I was deeply moved by the quilt artist who turned a tragedy into a way to help the world and now speaks with world leaders.  I was astounded by the detail work of ####### (I was scared to death hanging her unbelievably valuable quilt),  and I enjoyed the energy and talent of Ricky's friend &&&&&&&&& (who, like you, seems to be a force of nature). I was very sad to have to leave early and miss the show with ^^^^^^^^, but I was glad I had the time to meet her before leaving for the airport.

I love this new season. You and Ricky really listened to the members and made some great enhancements. Greg the photo man got some spectacular shots. Cheryl the Gizmo Girl found some wonderful stuff. The audience went crazy for the *******. The Thread Guy turned out to be the Thread Gal. But most of all I loved seeing you at work. You and Ricky have a special bond that shows on camera. Beware of what Ricky has in store for you tomorrow. 

Love DH.



During the post production meeting yesterday, I was able to show yesterday's blog video to the producers and directors. Beverly (producer), ever alert to a photo opportunity, manned the camera and caught this moment on tape. Enjoy!



Quilting is changing the world in more ways than you can imagine. However, here is an example of just what it has done for our production crew. Wayne takes the lead. Here's Pam Holland (there's a hint) with camera guy Wayne. Check it out!



Here is a peek into the behind the scenes of the tapings. Kate is getting note cards ready - Bruce, director, is tell us how to look at a camera - NOT! - And then again - there's Jeff... enjoy!



We're about to head onto the set. Yesterday I got Gizmo Girl to show us her fun space! - Check it out!


I left work and started the journey.  I was supposed to arrive in Colorado Springs at 9:30, but as you can see from the 2nd departure, I was delayed.  


This gave me time to walk around.  I'm new to Colorado and some of the characteristics are strange to me.  In California I have survived earthquakes, fires, mudslides and people who say "Dude".  Colorado has some different disasters to face.  At least I hope this is a sign for a natural disaster and not just poor Colorado etiquette.  Well who knows?  Isn't  Colorado known as, "The Place of the Mighty Winds"?


It's midnight and tomorrow will be an early start.  When I arrive they will already be filming.  I hope they have something to eat besides Twizzles.



It's pre-taping day and we're all here. Producers, Beverly and Angel (outstanding!) are guiding us through each episode. We have a new director, Bruce, who is learning all about La Veta for the first time - his wife is a quilter! And Kate has joined us this time as a PA, production assistant. Alex, Justin, Lilo and I complete the team on this side of the production and we sort of got a bit off base during our meeting today. Take a look. Anyone know of a good way to corral a room full of leaders?



Ever wonder what the set looks like during set up? Here's a peek. Also, Alex made a quick visit to the Mountain Valley Quilt Shop in La Veta and Debbie, the owner, was about to send off..... - well, you'll see. What would you like us to show you? We'll see if we can accomodate!



Okay - we do get a bit sillly but we have a lot of fun. I'm not sure how much we can give you this week, but I'll try to provide a few video clips to share with you so you can join the fun of "Production Week." It's a short series we'll call - The Production Files.

Ricky, in Colorado where the scurry of prodution is ramping up.

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