Sorry we are late posting this blog to let you share you quilt festival quilt. As you can see by the previous blogs we are staying very busy. This has been the first opportunity for our members to come to a quilt show and see us directly. It has been wonderul. So many folks with TQS badges are coming in and shouting, "It's a New Day!"

If you have a quilt in the IQA show or a specil exhibition at International Quilt Festival in Houston and you would like to share it wih us, please post it on your profile and reply to this blog with your news or story about it. Members can click right on through to your profile to see the quilt. So. show us your stuff!



We have had so many of our members stop by to visit the TQS booth over the past few days.  But you could have knocked us over with a feather when we looked up to see Rachele Fisher from Studio Dog with her dog Angel.  Angel was of course appropriately dressed for the occasion wearing his jewel studded leash.   


One of the best parts of my job is getting to visit our big beautiful world - and sometimes see things that I would have bet the bank against..............pirate ships in the most unusual places - aaarrrrgg Surprised




       "Bad Bart" in the TQS Booth 

October 31st was preview night for the Houston Quilt Show. The attendees were armed with money and shopping bags.   Many wore decorations to celebrate Halloween. We even spotted a couple of ladies with large hairy spiders on their shoulders.  As you can see some of us in the TQS booth were getting into the spirit of things as well.  Actually, Bad Bart borrowed this hat from Susan Cleveland who stopped by to say Hi to everyone. 


As we hustle and bustle around the city of Houston - Wendy contacted me and wishes to start a rag quilt drive for the famlies who lost so much in Southern CA. Her desire is to provide rag quilts, made from quilters everywhere to wrap these families in love, concern and hope - Collen, please give the info below -


Imagine our delight when we looked up and there was PAT CAMPBELL and JOHN!!!! Pat is well known for her books on Jacobean Applique and is the designer of the ever favorite Fossile Fern fabrics. About three years ago she had a brain aneurysm just a couple of weeks before she and John were to wed. There were several surgeries and the recovery has been difficult.

She is a remarkable testiment to the human spirit - and we rejoice in her progress! Both Ricky and Alex LOVE the quilts at festival this year - but seeing Pat's smiling face was better than all the Blue ribbons. God bless Pat and John! Visit Pat Campbell's website.



Ann's Cat Quilts are absolutely spectacular as you saw in Show 111.  Her use of thread is amazing.  Have you seen her other quilts?  Visit her website annfahl.com to look through different galleries of her quilts.




Hope for Our World, by Hollis Chatalain from Greensboro, NC has won Best of Show at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX. Hollis is now a two time winner of this prestigeous $10,000 prize.

Here is Hollis' Artist Statment:

In February 2002, I dreamed “Hope For our World”. The dream was in purple and Archbishop Tutu was standing in a field. Children from all over the world were approaching him like he was a Pied Piper. The dream seemed to be speaking about World Peace and the Future of our Children. Desmond Tutu represented Hope.

In May of 2005 I was honored to have a meeting with Archbishop Tutu to discuss my dream.

“Hope For Our World” was finished April 16th and I sent an image of it to my daughter. Her response was:

"How ironic that the piece is finally done on a day like today where you can’t help feel sad about the world we live in, a world where massacres like the one at Virginia Tech this morning still happen.It makes me think that this piece is there to remind us that even when we wonder what this world is coming to, when we think that there can’t possibly be hope in a world with such tragedies, we are reminded of people like Desmond Tutu. People that will fight for peace and never give up…we realize that there still is hope after all.”


See other quilts by Hollis Chatalain by visiting her website here.

A complete list of all the winners is posted here. 



Many of you have asked for Gift Subscriptions to give to your friends and loved ones. Well, here it is. These Subcriptions can be purchased by both members and non-members alike.

To purchase a Gift Subscription, click here.

For instance:

John (a non-member) wants to give his quilting wife Alex (no pun intended) a Subscription to the Quilt Show. He simply selects a Single or Double Series Gift Subscription and purchases it online by going through the checkout process. A link to print the coupon online is sent to his email address. John does not have to be a member himself, which is good, because he doesn't even know what a bobbin is (just like the web guy - smile). Alex, who knows all about bobbins and more, uses the coupon by following it's instructions and applies the Coupon Value when prompted to enter the coupon number. After that, she is a Star Member.


Jane (a member) wants to buy her neighbor a subscription for her birthday. She simply logs into the website, selects a Subscription, goes through the checkout process and prints the coupon just like above. Then she surprises her friend.


Members can purchase to extend their own membership.

Because this is a new system we are BETA TESTING for the next few days, if you experience any issues at all, please let us know of the problem through our "Contact" page we will be happy to take care of everything immediately.

It's a New Day and we hope you will enjoy this new feature.



I was just at Joe Cunningham's site looking at his new quilts.  Joe was our guest on show 101, and has several new quilts I think you will enjoy.  Check them out at Joethequilter.com.



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