Karlyn Bue Lohrenz's quilt, The Monumental Way, helped her escape a long snowy winter. Here's what she has to say:

"I don't know how one could take a class or read a book of Katie Pasquini Masopust and not say "I have to try it"! Escaping from a very long, snow filled, cold winter I went to the Studio to create the warmth of the desert. Fallert's gradations gave life to my vision."

Click here to see the quilt.

Karlyn's quilt won 3rd Place, Large Wall, Pictoral at AQS Paducah 2012.

The Monumental Way - 35 Pieces Non-Rotating

The Monumental Way - 99 Pieces Non-Rotating

The Monumental Way - 300 Pieces Non-Rotating

The Monumental Way - 99 Pieces Rotating

The Monumental Way - 300 Pieces Rotating



It's time to take your Sawtooth Star Blocks to a higher level of creativity. Alex has tips on using "Star Bellies" and the basics of foundation paper piecing. Think of it as Foundation Paper Piecing 101. Alex is LIVE August 5, 2020 at 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm London time. All classes are recorded for later viewing, but chatting on the LIVEs is really fun.

With the kids out from school there's more time to enjoy a little kitchen creativity. We think that necessitates a cute apron to protect those "handmade" clothes. Here's an adorable apron from Violette Field Threads at WeAllSew.com.


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While strolling through a quilt show, what is it that makes some quilts just seem to jump out and grab your attention? What is the secret ingredient the artist uses to effectively make you stop to notice their quilt over all of its neighbors? Emphasis is a technique used by artists to shift the viewers attention to what the artist finds to be the most important. Emphasis is one of those magic ingredients that can make your work stand out from the crowd.

Untitled by Lynn Czaban. Copyright free photography from Library of Congress Original 1936. (Image Road2CA)


In the case of Untitled by Lynn Czaban, what is the first thing you are immediately drawn to when viewing the quilt? Is it the background pattern or the monochromatic color plan? NO, it is the direct gaze of the man looking out at you, the viewer. Lynn purposefully has her subject front and center, because she wants you to notice him. He is what is important. The background is the supporting actor to the lead in this play.

So what are the tricks for creating emphasis when it comes to your quilt? Below are six ways you can make your quilt have visual impact when it comes to standing out from the crowd. But remember, your strongest focal point (e.g. the man) should have the strongest weight visually. For example, if you had a crowd of men scattered across the quilt, the emphasis on this man would not necessarily be as strong.

Isolate - Separate your subject from others by type or area of space.
Lead - Invisible lines direct the viewer to one specific point.
Contrast - Use color temperature or value to make a pop.
Size - Make your subject bigger.
Unusual - One thing is not like the others in the scene.
Location - Bring the subject up front, but slightly off center, to add more interest.


Now that you understand the ways that you can create emphasis, let's look at some excellent examples of quilts featuring emphasis:

Isolate - Separate your subject from others by type or area of space.


  Race To The Summit by Brigitte Villeneuve



















Flower Power by Maria Vuilleumier (Image patCHquilt).


Lead - Invisible lines direct the viewer to one specific point.

Missouri Barn by LeAnn Hileman (Image Road2CA) {Right} ; Daddy, hold my hand by Heidi Proffetty (Show 2406). [Image TheQuiltShow] {Left}






Contrast - Use color temperature or value to make a pop.

Ohio Snowball by Christine Perrigo. (Image Road2CA)


Unusual - One thing is not like the others in the scene.


My Hundertwasser by Brigitte Rossetti (Image patCHquilt) {Left} ; Pineapple Pleasures by Kaye Kohler (Image TheQuiltShow.com) {Right}




Size - Make your subject larger.




Say Something by Becky Goldsmith. (Show 611, Show 1704, Show 2401) [Image TheQuiltShow.com] ; Stargazer Splendor by Andrea Brokenshire (Show 1706) [Image Road2CA]


Location - Bring the subject up front, but slightly off center, to add more interest

Seasoned With Time by Karlyn Bue Lohrenz (image TheQuiltShow.com)

On Thin Ice by Deb Crine. (Image AQS)

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Blue Ice on Denali by Karen Lambdin and Vickie Owen features a flurry of feathered star variations, some of which we've never seen before, and some truly amazing quilting, including a flurry of snowflake designs.

Blue Ice on Denali by Karen Lambdin of San Antonio, Texas, with Vickie Owen, was featured in the Pieced, Large category at Houston 2019.


Alex has always loved stars and the Sawtooth star is a favorite. Learn how to make the Sawtooth Star Quilt Block and how to decide on colors. LIVE starts today at 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm London Time. Watch below the first gif.



Do you know the name of this interesting block? Play Jinny's game and find out what it's called.



In Tsui Hua Chen's quilt, The Broken City, everything is broken and sharp angles are used to represent the high-wire living of city life. People down at the bottom stare at the quilt, marveling in its beauty as if it were a painting.

The Broken City by Tsui Hua Chen of Taipei, Taiwan was featured in the Pieced, Large category at Houston 2019.


Congratulations to Debbie Grifka and her award-winning quilt, Notre Dame, which won First Place in the Modern Quilts category at Beyond the Festival of Quilts in the UK.

Described by the judges as, "A beautifully minimalistic design demonstrating a superb understanding of the scale of the work. Echo quilting brings the piece to life," you can read all about Notre Dame and its creation over on Debbie's Blog.

You can learn all about Debbie right here at TQS in Show 2604.

Photo by Debbie Grifka


Barbara Black has some fantastic tips, including a workaround for making those pesky Double 9 Patches, to help you with Month 8 of Afternoon Delight.

Barbara also has a teaser of the 2021 TQS BOM that she is hard at work on for taping in Dallas this month.

It's always a good idea to check out Barbara's tips as they can usually be applied to your everyday quilting as well as the BOM.

Click here for details on Barbara's blog on Month 8 Tips and a 2021 TQS BOM Teaser.

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