(John here.) I got Alex a new Flip Video camera. It's a beautiful day in Ca., so I decided to tape the birds returning to the bird feeder. Always the camera hog, watch for Sparrow our cat.


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Around and around we go - the million dollar question is, "How did you find The Quilt Show"? We want to know! Laughing


photo by Gregory Case 



                                       "Buzz Saw" work in progress by TQSWizard 

How many times has this happened to you?  You begin working on a quilt only to get side-tracked by other projects.  Over time the original quilt and pattern directions find their way into the UFO black hole, but not necessarily together.  As the New Year comes around you vow to finish those UFO's.  But.....where are those darn directions to the pattern?  You search high and low to no avail.  So, you have to tough it out by figuring out the pattern block on your own.  Many needless hours are spent re-learning the pattern.

I began this quilt two years ago, but had to set it aside due to other projects.  In January I decided that this would be the year I would finish it.  Unfortunately I cannot find the pattern anywhere in my studio; and I consider myself a very organized person!!  In the future I will put the pattern in a zip-lock bag and pin it to a quilt in progress.  That way the directions don't get lost.  Do you have any good ideas for avoiding this frustration?



I just recieved this email from a gal facing a whole new quilting lifestyle - I gave her my answers - what do you all say?

Hi Alex,
Two questions for you if I may.  I'm a military spouse who will soon be moving with my husband to Botswana, Africa.  Talk about your quilting adventures!
First question, I'd like to take my sewing machine with me on the plane rather than ship it ahead as there will be significant delay without our household goods.  What is the best way to travel on a plane with a sewing machine? 
Second, much of my fabric will stay in storage stateside.  What is the best way to store fabric?  As this is long term storage there is the slight chance the boxes may get little insect visitors and/or get damp.  Quite a challenge huh?
Thanks and all the best!!! 



After consuming several of Alex's TAB's (Tasty Adult Beverages) we had to make a quick stop by the restroom.  Of course we took our camera with us-doesn't everyone?  Her guest bath has just recently been renovated.  Actually Alex and John are renovating the entire house room by room.  While washing our hands we checked out the soap dish, which really was a baby's cereal (porridge) bowl.  Who knew Peter Rabbit would be lurking under the guest soaps?

Looking for a towel to dry our hands -NOT- we peeked in the linen closet.  Instead of towels, toilet paper and other junk the rest of us store out of sight, Alex has stacks of quilts!  This lady is ready for company or maybe a California cold snap. 



All of us at TQS are concerned about quilt shops and quitlers in the tornado striken areas from Tuesday's outbreak of storms. Do you know of any particular shop or individaul that was affected? If so, please let us know. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and all of their friends and neighbors.




As the wife of an Alabama sharecropper during the Jim Crow South, Susana Hunter, created striking quilted works of art through creativity and resourcefulness.  Scraps of family clothing and even mule-feed sacks were often used to make quilts characterized by bold colors, large shapes and asymmetrical designs.  What began as a way to "make do" with what was available now illustrates the remarkable eye of a truly gifted artist.

30 quilts, dating from 1930's to 1970's, by this extraordinary woman are on exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum from February 15-April 27, 2008.  "I love the story behind them," says curator of domestic life Jeanine Miller.  "It's one of resourcefulness, creativity in lessened circumstances, and creating beauty no matter what your resources."  For more information on the Henry Ford Museum click here.





On the last evening of our recent trip to Livermore, CA, Alex treated everyone to a wonderful formal meal (notice the paper bowls and napkins).  While Alex was busy in the kitchen entertaining we had a chance to sneak a peek around her house. 

We first ventured into her studio to see how it REALLY looks when the camera isn't rolling.  We opened the closets to check out her fabric stash.  Well, so far so good.  Pretty organized, but a lot less fabric than we were expecting.  She certainly needs to catch up to some of us that pride ourselves on collecting the biggest stash. 




                                                                                                    Photo by Gregory Case 

Mark your calendar for this Thursday, February 7, 2008, when Suzanne Marshall will be our guest in Chat room Featured Guest at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern.  Suzanne will share tips on how to make your applique project more successful.  Join us for what will definitely be an hour well spent learning from a master applique artist. 


Listen up folks - show number 203 (launched today) is a MUST see for everyone! Suzanne's work is astonishing AND her tips are excellent! The timing of this show couldn't be better with the early advent of our block of the month - check this out today!!!! PS: also Alex gives beginning piecing tips for aligning seams - AND the quilt she is working on is available in the shoppe  (shipping free in the U.S. - and a shipping price break for internaional for a limited amount of time). Let's get quilting - TODAY!


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