(Capt'n John)--The taping of Series 4 went wonderfully. You are going to learn a variety of techniques and be astounded by some great artists. But 7 straight days is hard even on a Pirate quilter. So if you get a chance and there are seats open (and there is a big fat lap 2 seats away), you lay down and take a nap.

Sometimes I really like getting the window seat. Usually I get an aisle seat, because 6' 2" is hard to fit in airplane seats. I am always amazed by how much land is unpopulated between Colorado and California. I also wore my sunglasses to see all the clouds. So I even took some pictures holding my sunglasses over the lens. We had a great surprise when we saw Photoman and Elena on the same flight to San Jose, CA.

Tomorrow I will pull together some of my pictures of the shows and get them up on the blog. There's no place like home.




That's right. We are listening to you and we have made your favorite "Articles" easier to find on TQS. When you click on "Articles" in the tab above, you will see a condensed version of each article posted along with a photo. This way, you can scroll down and find fun, interesting articles, videos and features that are new or that you may have missed before. Did you catch all of the daily blog installments last June when the Three Sisters went to La Veta to make their new quilt? What about the videos by Pam Holland as she traveled through Mexico? Go to "articles" to find all of these in one place! Pretty cool!

Our latest article links you to a profile in the Ventura County Star that tells the bittersweet story behind Jake Finch's new book, Comfort Quilts from the Heart. (Published by C&T Publishing). Jake wanted to make a quilt for her niece, who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at age 18. The difficulty of finding appropriate projects to make for someone who was sick inspired Jake to write her book. You have to read this poignant story. Just click on the link to read it.

So keep visiting the "Articles" tab for new submissions. You never know what what you will find. But we know you will enjoy what you see!




One of my great joys of being associated with Bernina is the opportunity to visit Bernina dealers across this country. Through this process I have become very good friends with many of them and in addition have had the opportunity to meet YOU! If you live in the following areas, please mark your calendar for my September Road Trip  - I will be presenting a virtual trunk show about my quilting life journey, from stay at home mom to TV host to executive producer and co-host of thequiltshow.com, who would have guessed?! -  Inspiration and a laugh or two is guaranteed.  Come see me! 

Dallas, TX - September 16th

St. Louis, MO - September 18th

Denver, CO - September 20th


Pam Holland, the traveling quilter, has a new video.  Watch closely to see if it's a picture of flowers or a picture of a quilt.  It's not always easy to tell as Pam is a marvelous quilter.  It's clear how nature influences her quilting.  So take a stroll through Monet's Garden with Pam and The Quilt Show. 

If you have not seen Pam's previous videos, be sure to scroll down the new table of contents on the Articles page to see her Mexico video and The Lights of Adelaide video.

Be sure to visit Pam's website.  Her blog is great and she discusses quilts in progress and her travels.  Click Here.



A profile in the Ventura County Star tells the bittersweet story behind Jake Finch's new book, Comfort Quilts from the Heart.  Jake wanted to make a quilt for her niece, who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at age 18.  The difficulty of finding appropriate projects to make for someone who was sick inspired Jake to write her book. 

To read the article click here.  To read an excerpt  from this book or to order a copy for yourself, visit the C&T Publishing website.




So Paige and I have shopped, and shopped and we THINK we have everything we need to get started on our first quilt.  We have our plan, we have our pattern, we have our fabric and we have our notions.  So let the cutting begin...  What's the saying "Measure twice, cut once?"  or is it "Measure once, cut twice?"  Just kidding!  So tell us, as we get started, how do you like to quilt?  Alone, or with a friend?  With music or without?  And should we let the dog stay? I'll keep you posted...Ruth


It is safe to say that if you have had the opportunity to be a part of a TQS taping, you KNOW we are family. Everyone gives 110%, and then some more. In fact Beverly Price (one of our producers) is willing to give the shirt off her back! That's right, for Pirate Day  she scored this shirt from Jeanette at Neal's Sewing Center in Davenport, Iowa - knowing Alex's growing pirate collection, Beverly is handing her goods over to Alex - And that is without walking the plank! AARRRRRR



Every quilt has a story behind it.  And we want to hear yours.  Have you checked out the "Stories" tab in the TQS purple info bar above?  "Stories" is a place where you can go and read the "story behind the quilt".  And there are over 60 stories posted so far.  Some stories will bring laughter.  Some stories will bring tears.  Some stories will bring inspiration. If you have a story about a quilt, please share it with us.  Especially those TQS members from around the world, we would love to read your stories.  To submit a story, go to "Stories" and choose "submit a story for consideration."  Happy Reading! And keep checking back for new stories.



We got "crazy" today. There were antique crazy quilts and modern approaches.  You have been given permission to be a pack rat. Then make it even more fun with fabric choices and embellishments.  This show was just plain fun.




One of the guests today brought a bound edition of Peterson's Magazines from 1885. I thought you would appreciate the "current" fashions.  Have you ever seen this magazine?

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