Here are the Boats filled with glass.  The boats are placed on glass so look for the reflections. The boats are about 12' long and the glass balls are like beach balls. Tomorrow we will show a variety of pictures that show the artist's amazing range.






Ami Simms continues to be THE quilting ambassador for raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer's research. You can now create a Virtual Quilt Patch on her website in honor of - or in remembrance of - someone you know affected by Alzheimer's. To create your own virtual patch - click here.

Put your Virtual Quilt Patches on your website or blog by this Sunday to mark World Alzheimer's Day and to remember the 26.6 million people worldwide who have this disease. Send a link so the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) can link to your blog or website. No place to put your patch? Simply send the HTML code generated after you create and save your patch to Ami at AmiSimms@aol.com. She'll post a picture of your Virtual Quilt Patch on the AAQI website.

Want to help with a needle and thread? Ami hopes to bring 1,000 Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts to International Quilt Festival in Houston. These will be sold to raise money for Alzheimer's research. These quilts are just 9" x 12" and can be any theme, any technique, and any ability. If you can whip one up, register it, and ship it off by the end of the month chances are pretty good your quilt will be turned into research dollars in Houston.
Here are the details.


Photo by Gregory Case

Treat yourself to some luscious images by Gregory Case of upcoming Episode 307 with Paula Nadelstern.  Along with crew antics from Westen Day, Paula teaches you how to puzzle the eye using one block and creative cutting of complex fabrics.  Stay tuned for the complete show when it airs on Monday, September 29, 2008.



(Capt'n John) Cameras and quilting go together.  Whether you are looking for forms, designs, tile work, photographing your local quilt show, or taking a picture of your quilt to upload, you want a camera that fits your needs.  So if you have a camera you like tell us by adding a comment.  Give us a short reason why you like it and a general price range. 

I purchased the digital camera above for the Baltic Cruise.  I wanted the 10x Optical zoom because 3x on most cameras don't work if you are on a ship and far from the object.  It's a Panasonic DMC-TZ5.  I have been very happy with the zoom, the image stabilizer, 3" hi resolution screen, you can zoom while using the movie feature, and the quality of the pictures.  Get the TZ5 not the 4 to get the updated movie ability. The camera cost about $250 but with a better battery, a tripod, and larger memory it ended up at about $350.  I believe they are cheaper now.  The only negative so far is that it is not a small purse camera.  It will fit in a pocket but not comfortably.

Okay, what do you like?



Here is the garden of glass.  These pieces are quite large.  They are about 3' across.  Tomorrow will be a "boat load of glass".







I hope you are seeing colors or forms or shapes you can use in your quilts. One thing great artists do is to allow us to see things in ways we aren't used to. It's like the Three Sisters showing us something new and different. If you are a new member, go to Articles and scroll down to the Three Sisters videos.

Be sure to check back. Later today we will show his "flower gardens".



1280_19trees_up3.jpg 1280_19trees_up4.jpg



The TQS cast and crew Arrrrrr brining' ye a ship load of great shows. Arrrr ye watchin? Arrrr ye ready fer some more? Arrrr ye havin' as much fun as the crew on the S. S. TQS? Arrrrn't ye glad Pirate Day only comes around once a year? Arrrrn't ye wonderin' about "two and an eighth?"


That's right folks - TODAY - September 19th is INTERNATIONAL Talk like a Pirate Day! To learn more about this incredible world wide holiday go here. Have a jug of grog and get your pirattitude going!



These are shipped in pieces and assembled at the site.  Wouldn't you love to see them set one of these up?

1278_p1000740.jpg 1278_p1000742.jpg

Regular View                                                       A close-up view.

1278_p1000743.jpg 1278_p1000746.jpg

Tomorrow come back to see the wonderful "lighted trees" and "a boat load of glass" (my names).  You will be amazed by the size, color and shape of the glass.


Here is a sample of vases.  The colors and creativity are evident.  Come back later today for a look at some amazing "chandeliers". 

 1277_p1000706.jpg 1277_p1000707.jpg

1277_p1000708.jpg 1277_p1000710.jpg

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