This is the first of BERNINA's five-part series of blogs about longarm quilting machines for the beginner. This first blog will give you some things to think about if you decide to purchase a longarm on a frame. The next blog will go into loading the frame and the options for doing that. The later blogs will touch on basic techniques, feature highlights of the BERNINA Q Series and BERNINA Q-matic Longarm Quilting Automation System.

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4569_valentines_day_book_2142012.jpgA few years ago, Capt'n John made a photo album for Alex for Valentine's Day. He even wrote a poem to go with it. Here he shares it with TQS. (He says - "Be Kind! It's the thought that countsI"

Here is the poem:

Dear Alex,

We met in college across a crowded ballroom.

You were not impressed, but I saw stars & moons.


We married too young, or so it seemed.

Yes, life alone can work, but it's better as a team.


Now we were dancing the steps of life together,

as we planned for tomorrow & prayed for forever.


Life changed abruptly when, without drugs, you had Joe.

The dance steps now faster, before we mastered the slow.


It took some begging to get a girl so fair.

Soon with drug list in hand, we were joined by Adair.


Schools were a blur with lessons failed and lessons learned.

We pointed directions, and sometimes paths turned.


We got them through college and finally sober.

Their futures assured, while our finances smoldered.


Now the rooms are clean, dishes washed, tables dusted.

Our advice is sought & occasionally trusted.


I'm thankful for our love and your every wrinkle.

I'm sorry your Johnny Depp is a man who can't tinkle.


Life is so uncertain and our years may now be few.

Each morning I thank God for another day with you.


Celebrating the Modern home, Clerestory by Debbie Grifka is a testament to a minimal design that makes a striking impact.

Watch Debbie in Show 2604.

ClerestorybyDebbieGrifka - 36 Pieces Non-Rotating

ClerestorybyDebbieGrifka - 100 Pieces Non-Rotating

ClerestorybyDebbieGrifka - 300 Pieces Non-Rotating

ClerestorybyDebbieGrifka - 36 Pieces Rotating

ClerestorybyDebbieGrifka - 100 Pieces Rotating

ClerestorybyDebbieGrifka - 300 Pieces Rotating

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


Celebrating the Modern home, Clerestory by Debbie Grifka is a testament to a minimal design that makes a striking impact.

Watch Debbie in Show 2604.

Original Photo: Mary Kay Davis


Ann is halfway through her journey out West! In this video, she shares mushroom hunting, poetry, recipes, smoked fish on the campfire, a tour of the inside of her happy tiny home, a cribbage tournament, and something she's been trying to figure out for a while - how best to keep the closet from exploding between destinations. With a few left over scraps of batting, fabric and yarn, she'lll show how to make pads for plastic hangers to keep clothes on and pointy shoulders out! I'll also share a little crochet band to hold several hangers together to minimize the "fallout".

Want to see what else Ann has been doing on her West Coast journey in her Airstream trailer?

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A photo of Maasai women, with distinctly different lives than theirs, inspired Ann Brakob, Elsie Dentes, Neani Mee, Joan Watkins, and Carol Yonetz to create a group quilt reflecting the individuality and beauty of each lady in the tribe. Note the beautiful details of the jewelry, colors, and fabric selection.

Maasai Women Of Kenya by Ann Brakob with Elsie Dentes, Neani Mee, Joan Watkins, and Carol Yonetz won First Place, Group, sponsored by Hobbs Binded Fibers, at the Houston International Quilt Festival 2019.


Susanne Jones walks you through some of the quilts of THEIRstory: A Celebration of the Human Spirit at the Houston International Quilt Festival. It was a compilation exhibit of Fly Me to the Moon, HERstory, and OURstory quilts.



Lilo recently visited the European Patchwork Meeting in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, France and discovered a wonderful exhibit they were featuring there. Swiss quilt group patCHquilt was celebrating their thirtieth anniversary by putting on a showcase of 100 challenge quilts for the occasion. The challenge was open to all members of the group of every skill level and each quilt had to adhere to the following criteria:

  • Works must be original, not from a kit and must include a red border.
  • They must be 30 cm wide, 120 cm long, and displayed portrait style.
  • The quilt must include at least 1/2 of the Edelweiss fabric (that each person received), and feature a piece of that same fabric that is 10 cm x 10 cm in size.

To join in the celebration with patCHquilt, we will be featuring four of the challenge quilts each week that were displayed as part of the exhibition at the European Patchwork Meeting.

Please enjoy the next four quilts from Tina Schaffner, Ursula Fischler-Walliser, Ursula Wamister, and Verena Lenzlinger.

Title of Quilt: Mountain Meetings

Quilter's Name: Tina Schaffner

Title of Quilt: A Church A Kanton

Quilter's Name: Ursula Fischler-Walliser

Title of Quilt: Kite Quilt

Quilter's Name: Ursula Wamister

Title of Quilt: Edelweiss

Quilter's Name: Verena Lenzlinger


Madeline Island School of the Arts is one of the top 5 arts and crafts schools in the country and is located on one of the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior. But, if you can't make it to Madeline Island, they also offer the same caliber of classes in Tucson, AZ and Santa Fe, NM. Which opens up so many more opportunities for us stitchers, creators, quilters and artists to expand our talents in beautiful settings.
This past week I joined 23 other stitchers to learn from one of the master stitchers, Sue Spargo!
And, if you can encourage friends to attend at the same time, you may experience a stitching journey that you will never forget!
This particular class was perfect for me, giving me a lot more confidence in my skill and choices. I think taking a class that is 5 days long allows you to freak out, then relax and get into the rhythm. Because when you first see one of Sue's creations you may wonder if you are in the wrong class! Her stitching is amazing and so inspiring.
But an added gift is learning not only from Sue, but your fellow classmates...you are inspired by those who are more experienced...and also by those who think outside the box...
Stay tuned and travel along with us on Quilt Roadies.

Click here for Anna's blog.



This stunning Pineapple block quilt (a log cabin variation) by Amy Pabst was created from some interesting fabrics including silks, velvets, and polyesters. Each block measures 1 1/2" (yes, 1 1/2" inches) and has 49 pieces. Amy pieced Pure Velvet on a Singer Featherweight and then quilted it on her BERNINA.

With a total of 21,609 pieces, (but who's counting?) Pure Velvet won First Place, Pieced Wall, at Road to California 2020.

Photos by Anna Bates

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