Susanne Jones walks you through some of the quilts of THEIRstory: A Celebration of the Human Spirit at the Houston International Quilt Festival. It was a compilation exhibit of Fly Me to the Moon, HERstory, and OURstory quilts.



Lilo recently visited the European Patchwork Meeting in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, France and discovered a wonderful exhibit they were featuring there. Swiss quilt group patCHquilt was celebrating their thirtieth anniversary by putting on a showcase of 100 challenge quilts for the occasion. The challenge was open to all members of the group of every skill level and each quilt had to adhere to the following criteria:

  • Works must be original, not from a kit and must include a red border.
  • They must be 30 cm wide, 120 cm long, and displayed portrait style.
  • The quilt must include at least 1/2 of the Edelweiss fabric (that each person received), and feature a piece of that same fabric that is 10 cm x 10 cm in size.

To join in the celebration with patCHquilt, we will be featuring four of the challenge quilts each week that were displayed as part of the exhibition at the European Patchwork Meeting.

Please enjoy the next four quilts from Tina Schaffner, Ursula Fischler-Walliser, Ursula Wamister, and Verena Lenzlinger.

Title of Quilt: Mountain Meetings

Quilter's Name: Tina Schaffner

Title of Quilt: A Church A Kanton

Quilter's Name: Ursula Fischler-Walliser

Title of Quilt: Kite Quilt

Quilter's Name: Ursula Wamister

Title of Quilt: Edelweiss

Quilter's Name: Verena Lenzlinger


Madeline Island School of the Arts is one of the top 5 arts and crafts schools in the country and is located on one of the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior. But, if you can't make it to Madeline Island, they also offer the same caliber of classes in Tucson, AZ and Santa Fe, NM. Which opens up so many more opportunities for us stitchers, creators, quilters and artists to expand our talents in beautiful settings.
This past week I joined 23 other stitchers to learn from one of the master stitchers, Sue Spargo!
And, if you can encourage friends to attend at the same time, you may experience a stitching journey that you will never forget!
This particular class was perfect for me, giving me a lot more confidence in my skill and choices. I think taking a class that is 5 days long allows you to freak out, then relax and get into the rhythm. Because when you first see one of Sue's creations you may wonder if you are in the wrong class! Her stitching is amazing and so inspiring.
But an added gift is learning not only from Sue, but your fellow classmates...you are inspired by those who are more experienced...and also by those who think outside the box...
Stay tuned and travel along with us on Quilt Roadies.

Click here for Anna's blog.



This stunning Pineapple block quilt (a log cabin variation) by Amy Pabst was created from some interesting fabrics including silks, velvets, and polyesters. Each block measures 1 1/2" (yes, 1 1/2" inches) and has 49 pieces. Amy pieced Pure Velvet on a Singer Featherweight and then quilted it on her BERNINA.

With a total of 21,609 pieces, (but who's counting?) Pure Velvet won First Place, Pieced Wall, at Road to California 2020.

Photos by Anna Bates


Kid Giddy at WeAllSew.com has a sweet project for Valentine's Day.

If love, life, joy, happiness, or fun came in a sweet little Sew Plush Valentine Heart Box, what would be inside? Not sure? Here’s your chance to find out. She's taken out all of the guesswork so you can make this Sew Plush Valentine Heart Box for someone you love, including yourself. When you finish your box, fill it with just about anything you want, as long as it fits snug inside. Need it bigger or smaller, she'll share tips along the way to make any size you want.

Click here for pattern.
Click here to go to tutorial.


Are you making the TQS BOM Afternoon Delight? These members are and they are sharing their blocks on the FORUM. Here are just a few beautiful blocks to get you inspired.


Time to get started? Kits are still available in all colorways. FREE with kit purchase thru Sunday only, 2 Packages of Print & Piece Fuse Lite (value $43.98)





Scroll down to see the members' blocks.







This is a beautiful star from Jinny Beyer. Do you think it could be strip pieced? Maybe if you knew the name of the block, you could look it up and find out. Play the game and learn the name.



Luz Seidensticker's quilt, Artichocky, was inspired by a photograph of an artichoke flower taken in her garden. The mandala design was based on her own interpretation of the Costa Rica Cartwheel quilt. The piecing is impeccable. Take a look.

Artichocky by Luz Seidensticker won First Place, Pieced, Large, sponsored by Marti Michell, at the Houston International Quilt Festival 2019.



Lizzy Albright and the Attic Window

by Ricky Tims and Kat Bowser


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This book is for you and the youngsters in your life. 

Be the first to discover the world of Lizzy Albright. 


It’s Christmas Eve 1964, which also happens to be the tenth birthday of Lizzy Abright, a red-headed, freckle-faced, over-imaginative child. The Beatles have made it big—and beehive hairdos are pretty big too. Station wagons have rear facing seats, and aluminum Christmas trees with rotating color wheels are the rage. Through the discovery of a family heirloom quilt, Lizzy is transported to an enchanted land where a powerful curse has befallen the kingdom of Ailear. Lizzy and her companions believe they can reverse the curse, but an evil sorceress has other plans. This magical and thrilling multi-layered story can be described as Harry Potter meets Alice in Wonderland meets The Wizard of Oz.
Traditional quilt blocks play a minor role in the story. Quilters will be amused when they skim across a phrase that relates to a bear’s paw or a pickle dish. Some references will be obvious, but others are fairly-well hidden. The vintage quilt plays a critical role in the story, but it’s important to note that this is not a story about a quilt. It’s a story about empowerment, leaps of faith, and courage. It's a story about how choices come with consequences, and how sometimes great adversity can be a challenge to overcome
The ORIGINAL Collectable Bundle • $39.99 
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An excerpt from 

Lizzy Albright and the Attic Window
 They were putting their flasks back in their leaf cloak pockets when Gretta suddenly froze and said, “Shh!” She was listening intently and looking to the sky in the direction of the forest. McDoogle’s ears perked up as well.
    “What is that awful ruckus?” inquired McDoogle.
     A black cloud was swirling above the forest. The undulating mass darkened an entire section of the sky. It was tracking a course high above Lake Road and it was heading directly toward them. 
     “The grackles!” she shouted in a whisper. “Hide now! Under your cloaks…hurry…get on the ground!”
     Lizzy saw the swarming mass rushing their way. She and McDoogle both did as they were instructed and dove to the ground, huddled in a ball, and pulled their cloaks tightly around themselves. Off in the distance they could hear the high-pitched chattering that was coming from thousands of birds. The horrific noise sounded more like the squeaking shrills of tortured souls than birdsong, and it kept getting louder.
     “Don’t move!” said Gretta, as quietly as she could.
     Lizzy wasn’t exactly sure why they were having to hide. She had seen flocks of birds before—never this many—but she suspected they were just flying in a group like many birds do, to get from one place to another. Still, something in the sound of Gretta’s voice indicated that the situation was serious, and Lizzy realized she needed to heed the warning. She might not have understood why, but deep down she knew that it was best for her to stay out of sight.
     The mass of birds was directly above them. Not only could Lizzy hear their deafening, piercing shrieks, but she could actually feel her leaf cloak moving from the wind that was generated by their aggressive, flapping wings. It seemed like an eternity, but eventually the noise started to ebb and became a long, slow decrescendo that finally faded away. 
     “Don’t move,” Gretta whispered again.
     Gretta was listening for any hint of a grackle that might be lingering behind. 
     “Mr. McDoogle, do you hear anything?” Gretta had begun to appreciate McDoogle’s ears.
     “Naw, Ms. Gretta, I don’t hear a thing.”  
     Gretta poked her head out and scanned the skies.
     “Okay. They’re gone.” She let out a silent sigh of relief.
     Lizzy and McDoogle crawled out from under their cloaks, stood up, and brushed themselves off. “What was that?” asked Lizzy.
     “That, my dear princess, was trouble.”





Announcing the "new" New Quilts from an Old Favorite 2022

Click here for more information and deadlines.

The National Quilt Museum’s New Quilts from an Old Favorite (NQOF) competition and exhibition took some time off to regroup, refresh, and redesign. After some serious thinking and tweaking of the guidelines, they are now ready to invite quilters from around the world to enter their outstanding quilts in this “favorite” competition.

The quilts selected as finalists make up the exhibition at The National Quilt Museum and also travel to other venues across the country. This is your opportunity to be as creative and original as you can imagine with fabric, thread, and batting.Never fear—they are still including an interpretation of a traditional block (old favorite)—the difference now is it is your choice. You choose which traditional block to use, whether it is Log Cabin, Bow Tie or Carolina Lily – it is up to you on how you want to incorporate it in your original design.

The “new” change is your quilt must follow a theme and this year’s theme is Shakespeare: William Shakespeare to be exact--English poet, playwright and actor, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s greatest dramatist.

The significant changes are:

  • Prize money:

First Place — $4000;

Second Place —$2000;

Third Place — $1000;

  • Award winners and finalists: receive a NQOF custom label for their quilts and a NQOF Gallery Guide
  • Frequency of competition: will be held every TWO years

Judging is based on your innovative use and interpretation of a traditional block and the 2022 theme.

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