If you happen to be in the S.F area this weekend (feb 24&25), you might want to swing by and check out the quilts, oh yes and me!Cool I am honored to be a featured artisit along with Letitia Chung. With 20 quilts of mine packed and ready to go, maybe we will meet for the first time, or perhaps catch up on old times!

For more information please visit their site: http://www.sfqg.org/Quilt%20Show.htm



San Antonio is known as a destination spot for vacationers. The river walk is world reknowon. It was home to the 1968 World's Fair and perhaps it's greatest claim to history is that it is home to the Alamo.

I've had two great days here already. The first day featured two lecture-demo classes at Creative Sewing Center with Terry and Vince. Yesterday was a enthusiastic class of students who were there to make my Harmonic Convergence quilt. As you can see - a LOT of progress was made. Some students even made TWO quilts - the Harmonic Convergence and a variation. WOW! Yes, there is a pattern and a book - visit www.rickytims.com or ask at your local quilt shop.

A group of us walked next door to a new pizza place for lunch - called Incredible Pizza. It was not your ordinary lunch spot. This place has a huge pizza buffet AND it had go-carts, miniature golf, all sorts of games, and bumper cars. Yours truley attempted the bumper cars with a group of 9-11 year olds. I say - LIVE A LITTLE and let your hair down. Darn -lunch time was just too short yesterday!

For those who don't know - The Alamo, a mission established in 1718 by the Spanish missionaries, was the scene of the famous battle where every defending Texan was killed by Santa Anna's troops during the Texas war of independence. The battle cry "Remember the Alamo" was made famous in the subsequent battle when General Sam Houston defeated the Mexican army and won the war at the battle of San Jacinto - the epochal battle that established the independent Texan Republic, on April 21, 1836.

Here is a map of Texas in 1845. It it appears that while I curretnly live in Colorado - back then, La Veta was part of the Republic of Texas. So - I guess it is arguable whether or not I left Texas when i moved to Colorado. - Just a fun fact.


152_574752.jpgPerhaps one of my favorite teaching venues is Empty Spools Seminars It is located between Carmel and Monterey Ca right on the beach, at Asilomar. The conference ground alone is one of lifes guilty pleasures. The Ladies who run this conference are dedicated to the continuing education of quilting. In fact, I have known them over the decades and consider them next to family. As you read this, I am teaching Independant Study. Which in short means bring your work and I can help you through the bumps. Next year, I will be back to teaching Stars. If you have attended this conference before, you know how wonderful it is. If you haven't, put it on your must do list. Maybe I'll see you there!152_223713.jpg



San Diego, CA - April 14, 2007, The Gala Opening Reception will be held from 5-7 p.m. Miriam will offer a members only gallery tour on the morning of Sunday, April 15.  More details on how to purchase tickets will be announced at a later date.  Please contact visions@quiltvisions for more information.



Dennos Museum Center, Traverse City MI - September 13, 2008 - January 4, 2009 Studio Art Quilts Associates (SAQA) is hosting an exhibit titled "12 Voices". This exhibit will be an in-depth exhibition of the work of 12 artists. Each artist will be represented by 4-6 pieces. Portfolios submitted for jurying should be representative of the artist's body of work. They will not necessarily be the pieces that will be chosen for inclusion in the exhibit. Deadline for entries is June 1, 2007. For more information, please contact www.saqa.com





San Diego - February 22-March 11,2007 Quilt Visions is looking for a few good volunteers like YOU to make this happen. There are many opportunities to help:

Building: carpentry, sand, paint, stain, spackle, rout, woodworking, electrical, plumbing, saws, hammers, power tools, cleanup

Food: organize donations, pickup, deliver, distribution, serve, prepare, cleanup

Housing: organize volunteers, housing needs and requests

Artists: design, draw, transfer artwork for friezes

Tools and Materials: organize donations, track tools and materials

Safety and First Aid

Childcare and entertainment

Please email visions@quiltvisions.org or call 858-484-5021 for more information



The Quilt Show continues to proudly support Ami Simm's Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.

Several larger format quilts are up on the auction block today through noon on Tuesday, February 20th in a Special Auction of Little Treasures Quilts. (These are larger than the 9" x 12" Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts)

Anywho, there are quilts by Mary Stori, Lucy Fazely, and Sharon Pederson up there for your bidding pleasure. 100% of the bid goes to Alzheimer's research.

Bid high and bid often! Visit www.AlzQuilts.org




Ready to Sew in Cedar Park really did it up. They provided cowboy boot cups to each participant - a tribute to moi. Then, this little buckaroo - Ayden - showed up in his boots looking for the quilter/cowboy - hes' wearing my hat - priceless! Thanks to Ronna and Mike and the entire crew at Ready to Sew for putting on a great event and selling out all the spots in less than 48 hours! I autographed just about every boot cup that was given out!

Then, I drove on to San Antonio to get ready for my morning class. I arrived in town and stopped at FIVE hotels before finding a room about 11:00pm. No - I didn't do reservations ahead of time because i wasn't sure what town I would stay the first night. Then, the hotel - a very comfortable one - was having internet complications so I could not get online. I've made my way to a Starbucks - with T-mobile - just to post to you thins morning.

Thankfully, I have a different hotel for the next two days and maybe they won't have connection problems. Ah - the joys of the traveling quilt teacher! I'm typing as fast as I can - and will proof this post later today - so don't whine if I've misspelled enythang! I'll also poat another photo of the Ready to Sew gang later.

151_291138.jpgThis seems to be the expression that sums up what Ricky and I are doing at our new home, www.thequiltshow. But this morning, as John stood outside shaving (sorry for those of you in snow), he ran inside and said, "where is your camera"? We need a photo of the new day! It made me think, some of us are morning and some of us are nighters. I am definatly a nine hour a night gal who appreciates the morning. So where ever I am, I try to enjoy the sights of the new day. Over the roof line of our neighbors house stands this 300 plus year old oak tree, with it's leaves tucked away for winter. A perfect sight for an early morning shave.



Hi gang! I realize not everyone would know the geography of Texas, so I've made this map of my journey. It started in La Veta, through Wichita Falls (where I was born, and my family sill live there) - to Tyler, West Monroe, LA, Beaumont and now the Austin area.

I have arrived in Cedar Park (near Austin, the capitol) but since the day getting here was a travel day there's not much to tell you. I spent the drive working out details of the taping of the shows with Alex and talked a bit with justin about our upcoming San Diego Super Seminar. I arrived at my hotel and began working with Web Guru Bob on yet another new aspect of this site that will be rolled out to you soon - List your Quilt Show - Find A Quilt Show!

The next few days will really be tight. I'm teaching all afternoon here - then have to be in San Antonio tonight - then teach there Friday - Saturday - and Sunday - before heading north toward Colorado. I'll do my best to keep you posted.

In the meantime - here are some interesting facts about my native state - Texas.

Did you know? Texas is the only state whose flag can fly at the same height as the US flag. Why? It was negotiated when Texas, then its own country, became a state. Also, Texas has the only US capital building that is larger than the US capitol building. We are a peculiar people, loud - proud. Because Texas was a republic, the independent mentality and strong herritage still prevail. Much like Cornwall in England or Bavaria in Germany. Anyone agree? Disagree?



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