"Earth Beneath Our Feet" by pblair

Sometimes a piece of art can be deceiving to the eye. What appears one way from a distance can look totally different upon closer inspection. Think of impressionist paintings by Monet and Van Gogh. From a distance you are able to picture the scene in your mind' eye. But as you come closer towards the paintings you will notice that they really are created by a series of dots, dashes or blobs.

In the case of this piece done by pblair you can't be certain if it is a quilt or a water color painting. Enlarge the image and you will see that there is quite a bit of quilting. pblair does admit to "being a watercolor quilter". The fabric was primarily dyed and painted, but she then added quilting for that final touch. This piece certainly makes you want to examine it much more closely.

The next time you are glancing through the Quilt Gallery notice how the small image of a quilt can appear totally different than when enlarged (see Circles #3: Ripples). The image really fools the eye.




One of the great supporters of quilting, quilting arts, and TQS in Ireland is our TQS Member, Margaret McCrory (MaggiMac). Margaret and her husband Bill live in Ballygowan, near Belfast in Northern Ireland (UK) and have arranged and hosted me on two visits to the Emerald Isle.

Margaret and Bill are on holiday in the US and took a few days to visit La Veta during their tour of the great Southwest. Upon her arrival I was presented with a quilt that featured the text to A Gaelic Blessing. She had no idea that I had been using the words from this blessing in my past two retreats. It still amazes me how worlds collide. The photo shows the quilt – here is the blessing.

Deep peace of the running wave to you
Deep peace of the flowing air to you
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you
Deep peace of the shinning stars to you
Deep peace of the gentle night to you
Moon and stars pour their healing light on you



   Photo by:  quiltinlady

Have you seen these two "hayseeds" around anywhere?  They were spotted in the Forum recently.  We are sure that they are up to no good.   Probably out hunting for bears again!  Let us know if you find them.  They have chores to finish.



Here is yet another installment of my docudrama entitled "Quilting in the Garden 2007".



Here again is the Quilt Show name badge logo. You can print it, embroider it, paint it, or applique it. Just remember to put your screen name in the bottom blue area. This is a great way to find other TQS members while attending shows. Many of you will travel to Houston in October. What fun it will be when someone sees your badge and says, "Hey, It's a New Day!"

To print the badge, click here. Then, simply print the page and cut it out with scissors.


534_noraezell.jpgNora Ezell, the quilter from Alabama known for her African American styled storyelling panels, along with her vividly colored abstract quilts, died from a stroke on September 6, 2007. She was in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, at the home of one of her granddaughters at the time of her death.

Ms. Ezell's works are now in collections throughout the world, including the American Folk Art Museum in Manhattan, New York. In 1992, she received a National Heritage Fellowship award from the National Endowment for the Arts. and a Folk Heritage Award from the Alabama State Council on the Arts in 1990. Please click here to read her obituary in The New York Times.



    "Harvest 1" by CarolinNanaimo 

It's October, the time for pumpkins, changing leaves, and cooler nights. CarolinNanNaimo's quilt is a dazzling celebration of this time of the year.  The quilt hangs in the stairwell of her home in Canada.  Who wouldn't get excited about fall seeing this quilt every time they walked by?  Do you have a quilt that reminds you of a favorite time of the year?  Is it displayed all year or does it only make an appearance on special occasions?



Mickey Depre, award winning art quilter featured in Episode 109 will be our special guest in chat room "Featured Guest", Tuesday October 2 at 5:00pm Pacific/8:00pm Eastern.  Mickey's humorous and lively quilts are sure to make you smile when you see them.  Find out where she gets her inspiration and ideas.  It promises to be an hour of fun and laughs.


And the show goes on...............meeting up with your childhood mentor decades later.



Jeanie Sullivan, who worked as Vendor Coordinator for the AQS show in Paducah, KY has regretfully stepped down from that position upon the advice of her doctors. She has gone from a full-time worker bee back to being a stay at home homemaker. Yes, on top of my many other monikers, today I will be therapist. Jeanie will be the comedian. This was her email to me today. Read on!

Dear Ricky

Emergency advice needed, I am not prepared for this... decided to clean the oven... which was okay, as it is self cleaning, I opened a double pack of Clorox magic eraser, note to self ... will write to them later that these need to be larger, as I progressed around the room I noticed things moving in the corner of the room, not knowing for sure what it was, I wore protective gear (grandsons hard hat and hair coloring gloves (as I evidently have not cleaned since working at Schroeders) working for me has been deciding what color of hair I wanted not scrubbing the walls and we won't even talk about the bathroom. I also put on as my protective gear my camo pajamas as I thought if it could not see me it would not fall on me. .... ....after looking through my grandson's binoculars it turned out to be a massive cobweb an had obviously been busy knitting this web for years, one sweep of the only cleaning supply I have (a ruler from Jean Lyle) did not move it, after the second sweep and many attempts of jumping forward and backwards really fast - well as fast as fat can move - in my head it was ninja fast... it fell right at me, my screaming and stomping, jumping onto a chair that moved when I tried to land on it, so the chair rolling, around the floor moving other objects aligned neatly until today, awoke my sleeping husband who just worked off a 16 hour midnight shift.
My instructions are to sit on the couch and knit quietly for the rest of the afternoon and not even look at him for any reason.
I think we are going to have to go through therapy together. But the web is gone, and I only have one blister, two bruises and my pride.
I will read and study a little more or maybe even buy a subscription to How to clean after 50..


Dear Jeanie,

This is a riot - now, for your next assignment as you will find this worthwhile, entertaining, and also provide a great connection to over 22,000 quilters.
1. Join The Quilt Show, if you have not done so. This modest subscription fee will do more for you than the therapist.
2. Create your personal profile - it's easy, but even if you find it a challenge, you'll learn something new.
3. Click on Member Blog and create your own Member Blog - call it My Life After AQS
4. Post your email to me as your first blog - you'll get several responses.
5. Continue your blog diary right there online for the world to see - post frequently.
6. Explore other site features such at the 7000+ quilts and Ricky's Rhapsody Reality Blog (but start with Blog 1 on that)
7. Report back to me on how this quilt therapy has helped you make the transition from working to homemaking again.


Look for Jeanie's profile - she's promises to become one of us! Is that a blessing or curse?

Update - Jeanie has joined - she is MyLifeAfterAQS 

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