"Winter Dance" by Margo 

Are you looking for a project to carry along when sitting around in waiting rooms, sports practice or other such occasions?  How about an applique' quilt project?  Margo's quilt is an example of just such a project. The pattern is from the book "Once Upon a Season" by Piece O Cake Designs.  But of course you don't have to begin with such a complex design. 

There are many patterns available that suit the "newbie" to the more experienced quilter.  Each block is worked on individually.  So it is small enough to carry along when you go out.

If you are not sure where to begin, ask the staff at your local quilt shop for assistance.  They will be more than happy to find a pattern that is suited to your interest and skill level.  Your local library is also a good source for books with patterns.  For an exellent tutorial on the applique' method Alex showed on Episode 110 click here.



Over the past few months I have had several emails from members who have expressed gratitude for what TQS has taught them. So I ask you, "What quilting skills, internet skills, computer skills, techiques from the shows, or other tidbits of knowledge have you learned since joining this year. Have you learned to edit photos so you can post online? Have you purchased a new tool seen on the show that made your quilting experience easier? Have you learned about relationships from being in the community or have you learned to type better? How broad has the TQS experience been for you?" We don't want you to be quiet on this - so blast us with comments on what TQS has taught you. Alex, for example, has learned to edit video!!! I have learned how "tease and toss to break".




    "Wedding Celebration" by cyclepatty

Weddings are a special occasion for everyone involved.  It's a party, a family reunion and the celebration of two people joining as one.  What better reason to create a quilt.  We found this happy and colorful quilt recently.  We just know the lucky couple will cherish this loving gift for many years to come.  Have you made a quilt for a special occasion recently?  In our family you have to either get married, have a child, or graduate from school to receive a quilt.  Do any of you hold to these same rules?




Recently Bernina came out with a great new foot - the Free Motion Couching Foot. Yes, that's right - FREE MOTION. Until this foot came along, couching (a process of laying a cording on fabric and securing it with stitching) was done with a zig zag stitch and feed dogs up - but no more. Nina McVeigh, national Bernina educator, shows how this great new foot can put you in embellishment heaven. Check out this video and all the great Bernina video clips.

If you would like to thank Bernina for being the Production Sponsor of The Quilt Show and for their pioneering spirit, send your thank you note to marketing@berninausa.com.



"Fishing with Nikki" by Bridget473

Does this ever happen to you? You are strolling through a favorite quilt shop petting all of the new and beautiful fabrics when you are stopped in your tracks by a new quilt pattern. The pattern just screams to be made. Never mind that you have countless UFO's stashed away in your workroom. This pattern will make the perfect gift for...(you fill in the blank).

We recently offered a "work along with us" quilt project on TQS called "Fishing with Pop Pop". The original pattern is from an out of print book by Alex Anderson. Alex's design commemorated her son Joey's catch on a fishing trip with his grandfather. Information and directions for the quilt are available here.

We encourage all those who participated to let us see their version. Bridget473 found this project to be the perfect gift for her father's upcoming birthday. She added the dog Nikki, who was until his recent death, a faithful and loyal fishing companion.





      "Diamond Island" by delupine1

Has everyone in your quilting circle found that they need a new challenge?  What about taking a photograph or painting and recreating it in a quilt?  The image is enlarged and cut into the number of participants.  Each person creates a section based on their piece of the photo.  On a designated date each participant unveils their portion. 

"Diamond Island" was a joint venture with eight quilter's.  Ask your circle of friends if they would like to participate.  It could even be an idea for a guild.  Each small group receives a different photo to work from.  The only problem then is to decide who gets to keep the quilts. 



Stitchin Heaven is celebrating their 11th Anniversary! In honor of this special occassion they are having an ubelievalbe event next week. We know all of our TQS members will be interested so click here and check out all the exciting details and the revamp of their webpage complete with this awesome new logo.



As many of you know, I am currently cruising with a group of quilters up the east coast and into Canada. We are having a ball - I even got to meet Neen and Marcia! The problem is that the internet is painfully slow on ship and it is nearly impossible to load blogs. I AM taking video, and I DO have a few more Alden Lane pieces. So I beg your patience and will get back to the program as soon as I am in a technological friendly enviornment - I am SSSOOO spoiled by fast speed service. Missing you! (Look at the groovy green purse Neen made to match my SHOES!)





     "Odd Man Out" by Elennah

Quilter's are a curious bunch.  We all use the same basic materials (fabric, thread, needles, etc.); however, the end results are as varied as are we.  And sometimes those results are not necessarily understood or appreciated by others.  Have you ever been to a meeting where an individual stood up to  shown a piece of work they were especially proud of only to receive "well that's interesting" comments from the audience?  It's at those times that the phrase "if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all" comes to mind. 

Everyone has their own unique perspective when it comes to creating a quilt.  Wouldn't it be boring if we all made the same types of quilts?  So the next time you are shown a quilt that just doesn't appeal to you personally, try to find some aspect that you can praise.  Maybe you like the unusual fabrics, or the outstanding quilting.  Remember we are all here to support each other and the work we are doing.  We should be our biggest cheering squad.  Go Quilter's!!




"Grizzly Lunch" by hansen

Our family has for a number of years had a great fascination with bears.  We have pieces of art, family members with bear tattoos, and all of our dogs are named after a type of bear.  So it was only natural that I was stopped in my tracks when I saw this quilt in the Quilt Gallery.  I have never been to Alaska, but what a sight it must be to see a bear hunting for salmon in the wild.  What a great reminder of a time spent in Alaska.


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