Robbi Joy Eklow says that she is fascinated by the division of time created by nature, and she applied this concept to her quilt Lunar Gazania. A mandala style quilt, it features Robbi's hand dyed fabrics and fusible appliqué.

Lunar Gazania by Robbi Joy Eklow of Omaha, Nebraska was featured in the Appliqué, Small category at Houston 2019.

Learn more from Robbi in Show 1008: Cogs, Wheels, and Gears...On Quilts?



Barbara Black has some great tips, including how to make those appliquéd circles, to help you with Month 7 of Afternoon Delight.

It's always a good idea to check out Barbara's tips as they can usually be applied to your everyday quilting as well as the BOM.

Click here for details on Barbara's blog on Month 7 Tips.






Lori Kennedy at WeAllSew.com teaches you a fun Stars and Stripes quilting combination. Stitch a few spirals to add an even more festive flair to the duo and your quilts will sparkle!

Go to Tutorial.



Do you have some fabric lying around? Do you love to quilt? Are you staying at home and need a project? Alex has more great tips for combining those fabrics into a fun, fast quilt. She will be LIVE Wednesday July 1, 2020 at 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm London.


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We have covered a wide range of subjects over 27 lessons, and as we wrap up Elements of Design (Lesson 1), it's a good time to test what you have learned over the first half of the course.

Matching Game Quiz

Match the ten terms with the corresponding quilt images below. If you are not sure, we have provided a link for easy review.
(Answers will be provided on Sunday, July 5, 2020 in Lesson 29)

Shadow - Lesson 26
Texture - Lesson 5
Value - Lesson 19
Form - Lesson 9
Triad - Lesson 18
Analogous - Lesson 15
Line - Lesson 2
Perspective - Lesson 11
Space - Lesson 12
Monochromatic - Lesson 14


Row 1:

Amsterdam Alley: The Shortcut Between by Leslie T. Jenison 
Amsterdam Alleyway: The Shortcut Between by Leslie Tucker Jenison (Show 1510). [Image by TheQuiltShow.com]. {Above Left}

French Braid by Jane Hardy Miller (Show 1607). [Image by TheQuiltShow.com]. {Above Right}


Row 2:

Utterly Blue Cape by Rachel Clark





Utterly Blue Cape by Rachel D.K. Clark (Show 703) [Image courtesy of Rachel D.K. Clark]. Green by Frieda Anderson (Show 705).


Row 3:

White Umbrellas by Joan Sowada (Image courtesy of Joan Sowada). Spyrogyra by Esterita Austin. (Show 506). [Image by TheQuiltShow.com].


Row 4:

"Urban Desires" by Michele Sanandajian - Detail



Heirloom Pumpkins by Susan Brubaker Knapp (Show 901 and Show 1709). [Image courtesy of Susan Brubaker Knapp]. {Above Right}

Urban Desires by Michele Sanandajian - Detail. (Show 2109). [Image by TheQuiltShow.com]. {Above Left}


Row 5:

Reflections Of Cape Town by Cynthia England
Canterbury #2 by Debbie Grifka (Show 2604). [Image by QuiltCon]. Reflections Of Cape Town by Cynthia England (Show 610, Show 1412, Show 2612). [Image by TheQuiltShow.com].


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I am trying to figure out my balancing act. I have never worked for a circus so all the skills that require balancing such as tightrope walking, standing on the back of a running horse, or swinging on a trapeze are totally lost on me. But, I now find myself coming face to face with my lack of skills for balancing. As the weeks run into months of staying home, my lack of balance in the Bee Hive (my sewing room) cannot be ignored. I spent a morning cleaning up all the little piles that laid all about, and with the cleaning was the discovery of long forgotten projects. I decided to make a list of all the types of stitching I love...
  1. Piecing
  2. Quilting
  3. Needle Turn Appliqué
  4. Hexies
  5. Fusible Appliqué
  6. Wool Appliqué Stitching
  7. Wool Felting
  8. Sashiko
  9. Embroidery
  10. Cross Stitch
I was thinking of making some type of schedule for myself...rotating through all the different genres and seeing if I could make any headway. On the other hand, it seems that I am not a very good rule follower...nor a schedule follower. What I do know is that having good balance is imperative as we age!
What does your list look like? And how do you balance your creative life?
Stay tuned and travel along with us on Quilt Roadies.

Click here for Anna's blog.



Inspired by a 1940s quilt with an abundance of birds, flowers, animals, and more, Christine Sudberry created 56 10" blocks all from fabrics from her stash for the quilt, Celebrating Mary Brown. Christine said that, "It took two years to make and was a journey I thoroughly enjoyed."

Celebrating Mary Brown by Christine Sudberry of Tampa, Florida, with Chong Kropik, was featured in the Appliqué, Large category, sponsored by EZ Quilting, at Houston 2019.


Lisa Walton, textile artist and past President of SAQA, recently spoke with Betty Busby about her Vertex quilt.

Learn more about Betty in Show 2202: Working with Unusual Materials and Decoding an Antique Block.

You can watch Lisa here at TQS in Show 2503.

Click here for more inspired Quilt Stories.


Do you have some fabric lying around? Do you love to quilt? Are you staying at home and need a project? Alex has the answer and some great tips for combining those fabrics into a fun, fast quilt. She will be LIVE Monday June 29, 2020 at 10am PST, 1pm EST, and 6pm London.


Sandra Pritchard, with Marilyn Gore, took Corliss Searcy's pattern, Civil War Bride, and made it her own to tell the story of a groom bringing a ring to his bride. You'll want to look at all the details. (We love the Dalmatian.)

Civil War Bride by Sandra Pritchard of Fayetteville, Arkansas, with Marilyn Gore, was featured in the Appliqué, Large category, sponsored by EZ Quilting, at Houston 2019.

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