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As we wrap up our formal lessons on the Principles of Design, we wanted to give you a chance to see how much you have learned over the last sixteen weeks. We have covered a wide range of subjects. Match the terms with the corresponding images below. Pay attention, some quilts include more than one type of principle. If you are not sure, we have included a link to each term so that you may review the principles again. (We will give you the answers in Lesson 46 on Wednesday.)

Rhythm / Movement - Lesson 39
Unity / Variety - Lesson 40, Lesson 41, and Lesson 42
Contrast - Lesson 43
Symmetrical Balance - Lesson 30, Lesson 31, and Lesson 32
Pattern / Repetition - Lesson 35, Lesson 36, and Lesson 37
Emphasis - Lesson 38
Asymmetrical Balance - Lesson 32 and Lesson 33

Harmony by Cristina Arcenegui Bono (Image by AQS)

Summertime by Elsie Campbell. (Show 407). [Image Road2CA]

Celebrating Our Diversity by Carol Ann Waugh. (Show 1011). [Image courtesy of Carol Ann Waugh]

Autumn Antics by Ethelda Ellis and Sharon Moore. (Image TheQuiltShow.com)

Cardinal Points by Gail Stepanek and Jan Hutchison. (Image TheQuiltShow.com)

Ova Nova by Louisa Smith. (Show 204 and Show 1705). [Image TheQuiltShow.com]

Johnny Jump Ups by Jane Sassaman (Show 301). [Image TheQuiltShow.com].

Log Lunacy by Cindy Seitz-Krug. (Show 2603). [Image QuiltCon].

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