Kazue Tsukayama injured her arm 20 years ago and wasn't able to quilt for a year. She found this quilt from that time and finished it. She must have healed quite nicely as this is a hand pieced, hand appliquéd, and hand embroidered masterpiece.

Distant Memory by Kazue Tsukayama of Kaga City, Ishikawa, Japan was featured in the Balanced Piecing and Appliqué category at Houston 2019.

#21 tblair4854 2020-09-20 17:30
Beautiful ❤️
#20 happy gammy 2020-07-24 21:29
GORGEOUS. beautiful hand applique and quilting.
#19 J Elliott 2020-07-18 15:24
Gorgeous work. Beautiful quilt.
#18 Rosemary B 2020-07-18 07:42
this is beautiful/ Well done, Kazue.
Injuries are always an interference into our busy life. I am so happy you found your project and finished it.
This is a treasure
#17 artsyal 2020-07-17 16:33
Beautiful. I would like to see the back of some of these quilts. How does the decorative stitching look on the back.
#16 pennyELM 2020-07-17 16:28
Know after twenty years that you are relishing your achievement. And such a blessing that you were able to get it finished.
#15 KathleenAT50 2020-07-17 14:33
I really like the use of a chain embroidery stitch around many of the areas. And the stitches are so even and flowing. Thank you for sharing with us.
#14 Meleg Christine 2020-07-17 14:31
#13 Frankie Melanson 2020-07-17 13:04
Beautifully done work! Beautiful
#12 Old Quilter 2020-07-17 11:52
Don't know where the quilt was hiding but I am so glad you found it. The workmanship is beautiful. What a treasure you have created.
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