This week we found out that our beloved quilt show in Sisters was being postponed till 2021.
This is not the only quilt show to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. So, how do we adjust or recreate our quilting mojo?! I can't wait to see what Valori Wells will come up with along with her small army of quilters. The hints of a virtual quilt show are fascinating to me. In order for the quilting world to survive and grow it needs to reach more of us quilters! Which means we need to think outside the box, especially for the next year!
I have noticed and enjoyed that more designers are moving out of their comfort zones and using Instagram and Facebook to reach their fan base on a more personal level. As an everyday quilter I not only fall in love with a pattern, but if I feel something for the designer I am sold. For me it is a package deal...how about for you? Do you only look at the pattern or do you want to know something about who designed a certain pattern?
I am reevaluating my quilting life and it not only includes UFOs but the desire to expand my quilting repertoire, and since workshops/classes are going to be interrupted why not check out the many "how to" videos on The Quilt Show and YouTube. What better time to pass on our experience and knowledge to other members of our families. The one things about quilting is that it provides such a wide variety of techniques that the word bored does not exist in any of its patterns! We can then be reassured that there will be future generations that will treasure our own creations.
Hope you are safe, healthy, and stitching...and enjoying a little fresh air.
Stay tuned and travel along with us on Quilt Roadies.

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