Ricky Skypes with textile artist Pam Holland, who just made it home "down under". Pam unveils a portrait quilt that she has been working on of Ricky. It is made with four different types of cheesecloth, Tsukineko markers, and thread painting. They also discuss what she has been working on, now that she has some free time, including The Bayeux Tapestry.

Pam Holland visited TQS during our very first season, watch her in Show 110: A Quilter Connects with History.

Since this video was filmed, there has been an update on The Bayeux Tapestry. See below the video.


From Pam's Facebook page.

Hmmm. I've made a decision.

It's been a month of deliberation.

Many of you know that I have been working on my re-creation of the Bayeux Tapestry.
I've been researching, filming, writing and creating since 2005. It took me two years of research before I put a stitch to the fabric.
I have documented every stitch, every hour, every needle change, every thread, every lecture and event, and I made a decision not to let anyone see it until it finished.
Why? You ask.
I had a terrible experience once when I created a quilt and entered it into a show. A competitor tried to sabotage that quilt in the most horrific way, and unfortunately, I had to utilise the services of a criminal investigation to halt their attack.

Fortunately, the quilt stood on its own merits, it won many Best of Shows, and despite being offered vast amounts of money for it, I've gifted it to the Quilt Museum in Nebraska for all to share. So I don't own it any more.

After that, I decided not to enter a Quilt Show again or indeed share anything about the Bayeux.

This imposed isolation has changed my mind. So I'm going to share it as I complete it.
I will say that I have completed 70 of the 80 metres of it and I'm on the Homewood run.
It is a quilt, and it will be exhibited around the world on completion. I have promised that it will first feature in Houston, but many organisations of immense cultural importance have requested to present it.

In saying that, I have said and I will repeat it, that once completed I will no longer teach, but I will travel with the exhibition, it's probably the reason I've held back a bit over the past year!

Since being forced to stay home, I've explored many new ideas, and my decision had been made very clear to me as I work with passion on it every day.
It is unlike other projects I've done. I need to be "in the zone." to work on it and as the weeks pass I will explain the techniques and just what the "zone' means.

So there it is folks.

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(Photo by Pam Holland)