At the Iowa Quilt Museum through April 5, 2020, a celebration of the life and quilts of Doreen Speckmann.

"This colorful exhibit features works by noted teacher Doreen Speckmann, the quilts on display for the first time since her untimely death in 1999. Known for her wit & wisdom, as well as her teaching and publishing, Doreen led quilting cruises and used the world she explored as inspiration for her original designs." - Iowa Quilt Museum

The museum will be hosting some special events for the exhibit. They've provided the following:

On Saturday, March 7th, we will host three special events to celebrate Doreen and her impact on the quilting world.

At 10:30 am, Marianne Fons & Judy Martin will lead a guided gallery walk.

From 12:30 - 4:30, Joyce Franklin, owner of Piece Works Quilt Shop here in Winterset, will lead a class called  Meet Peaky & Spike. Participants will create a table runner from one of Doreen's patterns.

At 5:00, we'll hold a reception which is open to the public. Light refreshments will be served, I'll make a few remarks as will Megan, and we'll recognize any of Doreen's family & former colleagues who are present. 

Don't know Doreen? Click here to find out about this wonderful lady and pioneer in the quilting world.

(photo: Iowa Quilt Museum)