Peter Byrne's quilt, Starring You, won Best of Show at QuiltCon 2020 and we got a chance to have him talk about it. And, oh, by the way, Peter won another big ribbon at QuiltCon. Stay tuned for more on that.

Artist Statement: “Working within a modern aesthetic, I limited my colour palette to black and white to bring attention to the large graphic, yet striking minimalist design. I used 90 pieces of turned edge appliqué to create the explosive star burst as it provides the greatest freedom of composition. The expansive negative space is densely quilted with a variety of hand guided quilting motifs and to highlight and add definition, I used a heavy weight black thread.”

Instagram: @petersquilts & hoverquilting

Email: petersquilts@gmail.com

Website: peterbquilts.com

(See photos and details of Starring You beneath the video.)