G and I decided to take a trip out to Biosphere 2, which is a research facility whose mission is to serve as a facility for research, teaching, and understanding of Biosphere 1, the Earth. In its original conception, it was to be a closed system of various climates on Earth. The plant life that was in the Biosphere 2 was to provide oxygen and nourishment for the crew of scientists who lived in the Biosphere 2. It was sealed off environmentally from the outside world and had its challenges. It was only used twice for its original intended purposes as a closed-system experiment. The second time providing an amazing amount of research information and setting records in closed ecological systems. Under ownership by the University of Arizona, it continues to provide a place for international scientists to research and test hypotheses.
The tour was fascinating, but the part of the tour that really got me thinking was when the tour guide talked about the second experiment which included a crew of 8 who were shut in the Biosphere for 2 years without any outside food, water, or air. These 8 individuals were not allowed to bring anything scented...such as deodorants, shampoos, or soaps into the Biosphere. But they were allowed to bring something to entertain themselves during their rest or down time. So, when she asked...What would you bring into the Biosphere if you knew you were to be shut away for 2 years?...I started making my list!!! The obvious was books and lots of them...but, for this Quilt Roadie the list boggles...
I would have to bring along my Sue Spargo Sand dollars project...this is Sue's and I love it! Lot's of stitching to accomplish.
And then there is my Buttermilk Basin BOM, it would be nice to get it done :)
But we're talking 2 years!!! It would have to be all handwork because no additional machinery like a sewing machine would be allowed. If you were going into the Biosphere for 2 years, what would you bring??? 2 years!!!
Stay tuned and travel along with us on Quilt Roadies.

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