4569_valentines_day_book_2142012.jpgA few years ago, Capt'n John made a photo album for Alex for Valentine's Day. He even wrote a poem to go with it. Here he shares it with TQS. (He says - "Be Kind! It's the thought that countsI"

Here is the poem:

Dear Alex,

We met in college across a crowded ballroom.

You were not impressed, but I saw stars & moons.


We married too young, or so it seemed.

Yes, life alone can work, but it's better as a team.


Now we were dancing the steps of life together,

as we planned for tomorrow & prayed for forever.


Life changed abruptly when, without drugs, you had Joe.

The dance steps now faster, before we mastered the slow.


It took some begging to get a girl so fair.

Soon with drug list in hand, we were joined by Adair.


Schools were a blur with lessons failed and lessons learned.

We pointed directions, and sometimes paths turned.


We got them through college and finally sober.

Their futures assured, while our finances smoldered.


Now the rooms are clean, dishes washed, tables dusted.

Our advice is sought & occasionally trusted.


I'm thankful for our love and your every wrinkle.

I'm sorry your Johnny Depp is a man who can't tinkle.


Life is so uncertain and our years may now be few.

Each morning I thank God for another day with you.