Two animals meet on a country road by chance. Is it a Brewing Friendship? Kestrel Michaud created a lovely rural scene through the use of appliqué, digitized embroidery, and machine quilting. It's so sweet when animals meet.

Here's a note from the artist Kestrel Michaud:

Thank you for all the love! You guys are the best! :lol:

Just to clarify, the digitized embroidery is only for my signature in the bottom right, which is not shown on any of these photographs. This quilt is 99.99% raw edge appliqué.

If you are interested in learning a bit more about it, I have the story behind this quilt as well as some videos of the process of me making it on my website: 

Love you all! :lol:

Brewing Friendship by Kestrel Michaud won First Place, Animal Kingdom, sponsored by eQuilter.com, at the Houston International Quilt Festival 2019.