The Wooly Betty

We have always loved Steady Betty ironing mats that keep your fabrics secure and flat while ironing. Now they have combined their knowledge of mats with the newest craze of wooly mats. We finally got our ration, as these are homemade and wonderful. Don't delay in making an order and here is a great way to use your 25% coupon for purchasing a 1 yr membership.

"A two-sided pressing mat with a wool side for even heat transfer and a foam side to grip your fabric and keep it from moving or distorting while you press. In between the two is a unique core that minimizes the heat passing through.

This is a great portable pressing mat for bringing classes and retreats, and the two sides make it twice as useful.

  • Works for all fabrics including cotton, wool, and silk
  • Works with all home irons on any heat setting
  • Absorbs heat and becomes very hot on the wool side, stays cooler on the foam side

They come in 2 sizes: Click on the Pictures to Shop