The history of quilting always has had a thread of kindness woven throughout its history. Whether it's to provide warmth for your family or as a way for people to get together and share. Whenever there is a need you will find quilters who step up to the plate. A fire that wipes out a whole town...quilters will sew and donate quilts as a way of saying you matter. Hospitals are given quilts for not only their NICU units, but hospice, ER, Pediatrics. Cancer wards usually have a stash of quilts for those going through chemo.
So it was no surprise to me that the quilting group in the community I call my Winter home base supports a service near and dear to their hearts, Aviva Children's Services. The Aviva has worked for over 40 years to improve the quality of life for children who are in the Arizona Foster Care system. The quilt group has been taking quilt fabric and making pillow cases for children, toiletry bags which they fill with a variety of toiletries and one member, Susan Thompson, has made 20 Turtles!!! Yes, I said turtles! She has been taking quilting fabric and creating wonderful stuffed turtles that are about the size of a child. These turtles occupy an examination/meeting room and she has made so many that now every room has a turtle! They provide a friendly welcome cozy friend for a child who may be confused and frightened.
I believe whenever you are feeling like the world is off-kilter...talk to a quilter...they have hearts of gold.
Stay tuned and travel along with us on Quilt Roadies.

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#6 BarbCA 2020-01-30 18:37
#5 DocSally 2020-01-15 17:47
Susan, you are an angel among us.
#4 Deni Reitmeier 2020-01-15 10:33
Very cool. How wonderful of those sweet ladies to have such beautiful hearts and stitches of love for children I’m sure are in such need. Thanks for sharing their story.
#3 busmama13 2020-01-15 09:53
That turtle is adorable. Is it possible to get a pattern for it? Selling one would be a great way to raise money for Aviva Children's Services.
#2 Barbara D. Moore 2020-01-15 09:33
I live in Tucson year round and my quilt group - Grace Quilts has made Christmas stockings that are given to Aviva every year for the past 17 years - well over 10,000 stockings by now. We also have given them many quilts over the years as well.
#1 ljcarlson1@me.com 2020-01-15 08:13
These are adorable! Is there a pattern to buy? Our quilt guild has supported a foster care clothing store with free quilts and this turtle would be a perfect floor or bed pillow.
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