We weren't quite sure what a "Combi Kit" was or what the product did. So we asked Bernie and Shelley Tobisch to explain how it works and why the big spray bottle? Okay, now we get it. And you can get it to. We have just a few that have come off the assembly line. We will be getting more, but if you would like it right away, please order now. See the benefits summarized below the video.

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Perfect your piecing and refresh your fabric with Acorn Precision Piecing's dynamic duo of Easy Press Fabric Treatment and Mist Bottle. Developed by Shelley and Bernie Tobisch, Acorn Precision Piecing's Easy Press Fabric Treatment has SO many benefits!

  • Makes fabric easier to cut
  • Eliminates fraying
  • Pre-shrinks fabric
  • Adds stain resistance
  • Strengthens and stabilizes fibers
  • Can be used in machine embroidery to reduce the weight of stabilizer needed
  • Will not attract insects