Apparently it is quite common, but we had never heard of it. Some of our viewers noticed the problem that Alex was having.

Then her doctor told her to get it fixed. Here is the story.

#15 samiquilts 2020-01-04 11:42
So happy that you were able to have your eye fixed.
#14 Carol0507 2020-01-04 01:45
I also had noticed the condition worsening. Glad you had the surgery and that you healed nicely. My mother had the same surgery on one of her eyes. Seems pretty routine.
#13 Barbara Cooper Walsh 2020-01-02 15:41
Dear Alex,

I'm glad you're doing well and binge watching is great fun every now and then.

Happy New Year!
#12 LindamW 2020-01-01 21:56
I hope you are feeling better. Happy New Year
#11 MaryJoUT 2020-01-01 13:05
I also noticed. I am so glad you are on the mend and that surgery was possible to correct this problem.
#10 beckypb 2020-01-01 11:53
Alex, I had noticed it and I recognized it (having been a nurse for 38 years) and I'm so glad you had the surgery. Now that the surgery is over my guess is that you notice the difference more than you did before the surgery since ptosis progresses slowly. Captain John, thank you for taking such good care of Alex! Happy New Year and new decade! It is going to be a wonderful year, I know!
#9 Cynthia B 2020-01-01 11:32
Happy to hear that it was not something life-threatenin g. I noticed, too, and was concerned. Glad you are doing better and lookin' beautiful. Happy New Year!
#8 PAMELA D. MILLER 2020-01-01 10:57
I've noticed your eye getting progressively worse over the past few years. So glad you had a successful surgery and you look beautiful! Happy New Year, Alex!
#7 adamsme 2020-01-01 10:39
I had noticed this for a number of years. Glad it was fixable.
#6 BonnieB2 2020-01-01 09:22
Glad it’s all fixed, but chuckled at your binge watching comment. Been there. What’s a girl to do?
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