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NOTE: These stamp sets will be mailed free to anywhere in the world. International IS included. You must make the stamps a separate order to make the Free Shipping work. 

The vintage Quilt Basket Stamps are wonderful. They are a part of quilting history.  I (Capt'n John) was just going to put them in an envelope and send them out to customers that bought or renewed a 1-Yr Membership. My office staff said, "Not good enough for Star Members". So they bought some supplies and we are working to put them in a fun package. This is why many of you have not gotten your stamps yet. The supplies are in and the stamps are being sent. The picture shows me creating these packages while watching the Hallmark channel. Spoiler Alert: the movie had a happy ending.

Be sure to order your stamps (and choose free Shipping anywhere in the world). Also, make sure to use the coupon code sent to you after your purchase to get the stamps for free. (Plus you get patterns from Ricky and Alex and 2 BOMs and DVD streaming classes...)