One of the beautiful parts of traveling is homecoming...yes, we meet wonderful stitchers along the way and there are beautiful sights to behold... But, homecoming is wonderful. To reacquaint yourself with your stash while trying to decide what projects you want to start next??? With only 42 more days till Christmas, maybe a gift or two will be at the top of your list...or maybe gifting yourself with a new start?! I am giving you all a heads up for a SAL (Sew A Long) that a friend and I are going to start in January. It will be a way for me to take along a bit of home while on the road. There are no deadlines or rules, after all, quilting is supposed to be fun and relaxing! Whenever you can start, and whenever you can finish...it is all up to you!
A friend and I both fell in love with Eastmoreland by Kathy Schmitz and decided to support and encourage each other through the process.
As I have said...you make your own start time and your own deadline. Eastmoreland will be your happy place and there will be a hashtag to post your progress if you choose to share. #eastmoreland with a little bee at the end. I hope you will join me while I take a bit of home on the road.
Stay tuned and travel along with us on Quilt Roadies.

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