What happened to Rosalie Dace (see her story) also happened to Jason Collingwood in the weaving world, and this is not new. But it is increasing, in part because of the very technology that some think should help. There is a small (and growing) group of us who have decided that it is time to take it on, and any information anyone has, specific and clear, will be a great help. Our intention is to do the work needed to create a new category of visa, because as of now there really is not one for teachers like Rosalie (and so many others). We expect it to take years to do this, and we have committed to the long haul.

If you have information we can use, please write to me at weavingfutures2012@gmail.com. Later, when we are ready for help in publicizing what we are doing, getting Congressional attention, we will let everyone know!


#1 ckbellneville 2019-09-16 13:02
Reposted to my timeline. Is there any way to attach the excellent explanation by Sarah Ann Smith under the Rosalie Dacy deported thread on Facebook?
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