I was prompted by this photo to talk a bit about creativity in my Woolie Blog. And since I have continued to exam my views about creativity. Recently I have had challenging discussions with girlfriends when I would say, "I am not creative." I didn't necessarily feel bad about it, but embraced the fact that there was not a creative bone in my body. Then a columnist (who was not a quilter) interviewed me for our local newspaper and told me how creative I was. I said, "No way," and she balked. I guess I always thought that creativeness was when you designed a quilt from the ground up...and yes that is the height of creativeness. But, when I looked up the definition of creative, it is having the ability or power to create. And, that is what I do each and every time I pick up a pattern, cut the fabric up, sew it back together, and "create" a new form from the pile. Even if I am being guided by the designer who is encouraging me along the process, in the end it is "I" who has created the quilt.

I had no idea how judgmental my inner voice was being every time I spoke out loud, "I am not creative." And, even now as I write this I am appalled at how I could talk to myself like that...I would never say to a friend who just finished a Buttermilk Basin stitching pattern, "Stacy West is sure creative...but not so much you...you just stitched it." WOW...all these years of putting myself in a box being non-creative...I am BUSTING OUT and embracing how creative I am! After all, I have the ability and power to create!!! How about you???

Stay tuned and travel along with us on Quilt Roadies.

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