How much of your life do you spend quilting and crafting? Protect yourself from back and shoulder pain caused by quilting, sewing, and crafting at the wrong height! 

So many aspects of quilting can put strain on your body if done at the wrong height, cutting fabric, piecing on a sewing machine, pinning for quilting, anything where you lean over or work with your arms outstretched.

These electric craft tables adjust to whatever height best suits you and your current activity at the touch of a button (from 27 to 45 inches high), reducing stress and pain on the back and shoulders. Opt for the ergonomic table top with a crescent-shaped cutout and reduce stress even further!

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It is so important to us to keep our employees happy and healthy, and this is the table that we use in our fabric room. We like it so much because we can very easily adjust it for different tasks. Just push a button to adjust it lower for sewing on, higher for cutting, and in between for assembling kits and doing other small tasks. Plus, we have different people working on it at different times, and for each person the settings can be suited to them.

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