Now that the first 24 teams selected for the IMQE Exhibition have been featured, we will be showing the five reserve finalists. Here are the quilts for the third team of reserve finalists from the over 320 teams that participated in the International Miniature Quilt Exchange (IMQE). 201 teams submitted their quilts to be a part of the Exhibition in Houston 2018.

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Enjoy the quilts from Team 196 created by Ethelda Ellis and Sharon Moore.

Title of Quilt: Autumn Antics

Quilter's Name: Ethelda Ellis

Location: Rosenallis, County Laois, Ireland

My love to create in miniature and the opportunity to work with an unknown partner, made this an appealing challenge. I connected easily to Sharon as she has visited Ireland before and although we live on different continents we belong to the same church. Her more traditional designs juxtapose with my art quilts. It was easy to agree on a theme of Seasons and in particular Autumn through our mutual love of the warm colours. The little red squirrels have always delighted me on my walks in the natural woods around Emo, a small local village near our home in the Midlands of Ireland. They are indigenous to Ireland. I received written permission from Paul Whiteley to use his detailed photographs of them and used my own photographs of the mushrooms growing on our lawn. The background is machine pieced strips of hand and commercially dyed and printed fabrics. The red squirrel and mushrooms were made separately by fused appliqué, enhanced by free-motion thread work and then appliquéd onto the background. Free motion quilting was done on a sit down sewing machine. I hope that Sharon, my new quilting friend will like the quilt I made and that the two of us can meet one day in person. It was a wonderful experience to build a relationship with someone as passionate about quilting as I and a privilege to belong to the international Quilting Community. Thank-you TQS!


Title of Quilt: Autumn Stars

Quilter's Name: Sharon Moore

Location: Montpelier, Ohio, USA

This has been great fun. Hope you do it again. My teammate is Ethelda, a doctor originally from South Africa but now from Ireland. We are the same religion. We both teach quilting. She teaches how to make and machine quilt beautiful pictorial quilts. She does this in Ireland, England and Scotland. I teach new techniques that work at Sauder Historical Village and at the WCOQG retreat. I am a hand quilter and have done some machine quilting. I have never done a pictorial quilt but plan to try some day with Ethelda’s guidance. Ethelda has been a wonderful partner. Even though she is a very busy person she has found time to share through email. We discussed colors she liked so I made Ethelda ‘Autumn Stars’. The star fabric came from a Moda Autumn Elegance jelly roll and coordinating fabric for the other parts. The backing is a surprise from Kaffe. The pattern was modified from Terrie Sandelin’s Miniatures In Minutes star pattern. The quilting is my own design and yes, it is machine quilted (got to keep leaning). We are enjoying having the quilt hang in our house until it becomes Ethelda’s. Some quilts are harder to give up than other and this is one of them but it is going to a very special person.


#6 MJordan 2019-05-28 09:52
Beautiful quilts!. Just at Sauder Village this Memorial Day (Sorry we missed you Sharon) My ten year old daughter was so impressed with the artistry and work put into the labors of love that were on display there. May now have a future quilter on my hands!!!
#5 Danel Muller 2019-05-28 08:49
Oh this is beautiful! Well done Ethelda and Sharon. I love autumn and squirrels and would have loved to have either one of the quilts.
#4 BarbCA 2019-05-23 09:11
Wonderful quilts!

#3 ethereal 2019-05-20 07:11
Just as wonderful as the ones in the exhibit. Love the squirrel, too!
#2 camay 2019-05-19 10:59
Both quilts are nice, but I love, love, love the squirrel. Reasoning is probably that I had a pet squirrel growing up, and I am more into art quilts than pieced.
#1 suefromarkansas 2019-05-19 06:27
Both quilts are stunning. I really love the squirrel...it looks very similar to Laura Heine's wonderful squirrel pattern that has been tempting me.
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