Here are the quilts for the twenty-second team from the over 320 teams that participated in the International Miniature Quilt Exchange (IMQE). 201 teams submitted their quilts to be a part of the Exhibition in Houston 2018 and we are featuring the 24 teams selected for the first IMQE Exhibition.

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Enjoy the quilts from Team 422 created by Tatyana Levchenko and Peggy Schroeder.

Title of Quilt: Postmark from Ukraine

Quilter's Name: Tatyana Levchenko

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

With great pleasure I accepted an invitation to the IMQE project from a master from the city with the beautiful name Sweet Home, Oregon. In the course of active correspondence we realized that we have much in common. It is a love of nature, constant learning, love of art and hand sewing. For several days we were looking for a topic and my partner suggested the idea of ​​a postage stamp, I gladly supported it. The search for the plot of the postage stamp began. The decision came unexpectedly. My hobby- antiques (porcelain, sewing machines, thimbles, postcards). I often look at antiques with a magnifying glass in my hands. This moment was included in the work. From the windows of my house there is a beautiful view of the high right bank of the Dnieper, where there is an ancient and beautiful place in the capital of Ukraine - the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra with golden domes, temples and bell tower. This form became a picture for a postage stamp. A lot of sketches and drawings were made. The technician of the performance is a manual and machine applique and a stitch, as well as embroidery. This is my debut in international exchange. From Peggy Schroeder I learned a lot about the life of the quilt masters in America. Thequiltshow.com site is now daily in my attention. I really hope that our postage stamps will link two addresses.


Title of Quilt: Postmark from Oregon

Quilter's Name: Peggy Schroeder

Location: Sweet Home, Oregon, USA

I am happy that I joined IMQE at the end of 2017 and in part because of that, I was teamed up with Tatiana from Ukraine. It has been an enjoyable ride and we have agreed to continue our correspondence and friendship after the exchange. I cannot begin to tell you how many emails and photos we have shared. Having to translate from Russian to English and vice versa did not slow us down a bit. I even got to know Tatiana’s husband Paul. He makes wine and kishmish (dried grapes) for his family. Through Google maps we shared our hometowns and almost literally walked through our neighborhoods. Because our initial contact was in December we shared Christmas traditions and I learned that in Ukraine they celebrate in January. Tatiana and I discovered we both enjoy nature, gardening, felting and art quilts. We shared stories about family and pets. Early on Tatiana asked what I thought about doing ‘joint’ work together on this project. I remembered a book titled “Quilt Blocks Around the World”, but Tatiana was not familiar with it. I shared a link on Amazon so she could see what I was referring to and that is how we came to the decision to make postage stamp quilts that highlight where we live. Details were not discussed, so each of us would create a quilt using our own ideas and techniques and of course maintain the element of surprise. I cannot wait to see my postmark!


#8 pennylm 2019-05-02 14:23
Novel idea and a truly unique small quilt. Know both of you will enjoy your exchange quilt.
#7 Jackie again 2019-04-22 10:34
You captured Oregon perfectly, I know I live here. So I am assuming that Keiv is just as perfect. Love them both.
#6 AliceLambert 2019-04-21 15:17
I love these quilts. When I visit National Parks in America I collect the stamps so I really love the stamp idea. These stories have been so much fun to read that it makes me want to join.
#5 Patty B 2019-04-21 09:26
I love both of these pieces of art.
Not only fun but educational and pen pills of develop that’s awesome.
#4 Cthughes 2019-04-21 09:11
What a lovely idea!
#3 Jane A. Harris 2019-04-21 08:21
Great idea. Beautiful quilts.
#2 Joy F. 2019-04-21 07:53
Love the theme. I must make a postage stamp quilt one day. A great way to begin a friendship. These stamps are beautiful.
#1 Donna T. 2019-04-21 06:34
Wow! So cool!
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