Did You Miss Our April Fool's?
We know this should have been true, but sadly it wasn't.

"It's time to celebrate the contributions of the millions of quilters who have used their creativity to bring beauty into our daily lives. Although quilting as a form of artistic expression has gained recognition in recent years, its artistic value would have been recognized decades ago if it wasn't primarily a pastime of women. We honor the love, dedication and creativity of quilters of the past who, often with no more than scraps to work with and little encouragement, produced works of art that enriched our daily lives," said Gina Walters of the International Color Institute.

"Now with a tip of the hat to today's quilters and legend Freddy Moran, we declare that "Red is a Neutral". We also introduce a new color 'Freddy Red' for 2019."


Here's a delightful Self-Portrait by "Red IS a Neutral" Freddy Moran. The quilt was part of the New Quilts of Northern California exhibit sponsored by the Northern California Quilt Council at the Pacific International Quilt Festival 2013.

Quilted by Judy Irish, it contains everything from beads to hidden messages and prairie points. Take a closer look.



#19 Paula M 2019-08-02 18:26
#19 George mansplaining what’s funny and what’s not as well as his version of quilt history.
#18 AuntCynthia 2019-04-03 13:52
You fooled me. I told a friend who is a fiend for red about it. We both thought it was a great idea. Oops.
#17 George L 2019-04-03 13:32
Would have been funny if you didn't include the male bashing. The single biggest impediment to "art" status was that quilting was viewed as a craft - beautiful yes, but wholly practical in nature.
#16 Georgannw 2019-04-03 12:28
I love red shoes and they go with anything.
#15 Alice P 2019-04-03 09:33
:You had me fooled. I’ve always loved red!
#14 GrannieLinda105 2019-04-03 08:24
I especially enjoyed that she stitched - and I would say FMQ'd - "Dont lose sight of the Joy". The entire quilt depicts joy, humor, talent and extraordinary patience in addition to being very pleasing to the eye.
#13 Alma Lou 2019-04-03 06:52
April Fools or boy, this color authority, (me) has always known red was the best neutral.
#12 Jill0622 2019-04-03 05:49
I remember John's April Fools "unsewing app" joke from a few years back. That was hysterical!!
#11 Fee 2019-04-03 04:15
Didn’t Alex declare red a neutral years ago??? :lol:
#10 susan galloway 2019-04-02 10:45
Very funny! Happy April Fools
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