While Ricky was visiting the AQS Daytona Beach 2019 show, he took photos of some of the fabulous award-winning quilts, including Rejoice by Molly Y. Hamilton-McNally. Molly's quilt won the Best Movable Machine Workmanship Award. This is not the first time this quilt has won an award. It won the same award at AQS Virginia Beach 2018 and also, Third Place in the Traditional Appliqué category at the Houston International Quilt Festival 2017.

Molly writes,

"In every culture, it is only human nature to gather together to celebrate and rejoice on special occasions. This is passed down through the centuries and is unique within each culture. When I first arrived in America, to my surprise, the colors red and green are significant at Christmas time whereas in Chinese culture they signify the new year and the ceremony of marriage. For me, these colors in my quilt represent happy times again and again."