Here are the quilts for the thirteenth team from the over 320 teams that participated in the International Miniature Quilt Exchange (IMQE). 201 teams submitted their quilts to be a part of the Exhibition in Houston 2018 and we are featuring the 24 teams selected for the first IMQE Exhibition.

Click here to learn more about the International Miniature Quilt Exchange (IMQE).

Enjoy the quilts from Team 256 created by Ljilja Stojanovich and Cindi Jo Willey.

Title of Quilt: Love moves the World

Quilter's Name: Ljilja Stojanovich

Location: Kragujevac, Serbia

In my country there is no tradition of making quilts. We are doing other interesting works. So, I like to make a quilt. When there is love then other shortcomings, tools, materials, fabrics, can be overcome. The cooperation with my partner has been very correct. I was trying to figure out as much as I could what she was saying. I was looking forward to every mail from her. I am glad to be participating in this project. My slogan is: Love moves the world.


Title of Quilt: Disappearing 4-Patch for Ljilja

Quilter's Name: Cindi Jo Willey

Location: Mendocino, California, USA

I was excited to sign up for the IMQE as soon as I read about it. My first partner never responded, and my second partner dropped out, so I was a bit worried, but hopeful I’d get one that would follow through. I was finally lucky to be partnered with Ljilja in Serbia. Ljilja and I have corresponded a number of times. I learned that she has no local quilt store, so when she visits her son in Austria, she shops for fabric there. She also likes to make things for her young granddaughter. We decided to make whatever we wanted. I selected modern looking fabrics I’d been eye-balling at my local quilt store and added 2 fabrics from my stash. I chose Disappearing 4-patch because I wanted to try the pattern. One fabric looks like lined binder paper. I’m not sure if they use that in Serbia, but I’m pretty sure they have paperclips like the ones printed on one of the other fabrics. I counted how many blocks would make it look like a full-size quilt, divided that number into the size I wanted and added in border measurements. That determined the block size I needed to make. I used 100 wt. thread for the quilting, and a 5/8” strip for the teeny binding. I love how it turned out, and I hope that Ljilja will love it too. Also, I made extra blocks so I could have a smaller sample of the quilt I made for her. It’s still an exciting adventure!


#9 Dawn C. 2019-02-10 14:21
Both very nice. Love the graphic impact they both have. Great quilting Ljilja on your quilt. Not only overcoming lack of quilting supplies, but having to translate in English is very impressive!
#8 cousin Patty 2019-02-10 10:46
Beautiful Cindi Jo and Ljiija. Very inspiring.
#7 lilosmom 2019-02-10 08:17
I LOVE this weekly feature. These quilts are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful work and the stories behind them. It both inspires me to try miniatures and intimidates me!
#6 Rosemary Bolton 2019-02-10 08:11
Both of these quilts are absolutely beautiful.
I am so very impressed with the fine care and creativity
Ljilja and Cindi are now connected as friends and they have these treasures shared. Just wonderful
#5 RickyTims 2019-02-10 07:58
Indeed - the requirements were no smaller than 18" and no larger than 24" on any side. So you can imagine the scale if you just keep that in mind.
#4 KatieB 2019-02-10 07:50
Two beautiful traditional quilts!
#3 Susie 2019-02-10 07:14
Ladyj, if you click on the link for IMQE in the first paragraph you can find more information. These are minatures.
#2 ladydj 2019-02-10 06:55
Lovely quilts!!
Why is it we never see the actual measurements....
this would put your hard work into perspective.
It looks difficult. Great work!
#1 Juliet Fitness 2019-02-10 04:21
Well done Team 256, so glad you eventually got a partner Cindi Jo. Beautiful quilts, love the black and white feathered star, Ljiija, you have done brilliantly with no quilt shop to help you. And those tiny 4 patches are amazing, Cindi Jo. Love the fabric with the paper clips, just the sort of thing I would buy too!
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