Suzy writes, "Even though the Fly Away quilt pattern originally made its debut in Modern Patchwork Magazine in 2016, and then continued its journey across America to be a part of QuiltCon East in 2017, that is not where the life of this quilt truly began."

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Original Photo: Suzy Williams


#1 Ann Shibut 2019-02-08 08:28
I have a similar story... I was approached to make a quilt to be used on the cover of a romance novel by a major NY publisher. They were very specific, sent Pantone color chips of the colors they wanted used, etc. There was a tight deadline to get the quilt finished to be photographed for the cover, and I worked like a Trojan to get it done. In the end,, the art drector I had been working with was replaced, and my quilt ended up on the back of the book, not the cover. I did still get paid for my work, though, and the author of the book supposedly has the little quilt..
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