Here are the quilts for the twelfth team from the over 320 teams that participated in the International Miniature Quilt Exchange (IMQE). 201 teams submitted their quilts to be a part of the Exhibition in Houston 2018 and we are featuring the 24 teams selected for the first IMQE Exhibition.

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Enjoy the quilts from Team 231 created by Wena le Roux and Cindy Thompson.

Title of Quilt: Rain Birds

Quilter's Name: Wena le Roux

Location: South Africa

I am an amateur quilter that taught myself the art of quilting. Quilting is my hobby and break from my day to day work. I prefer old school traditional quilting. I love reading quilting books and have a special interest in the work of Michele Hill. My quilt is a smaller copy of a pattern from her book William Morris In Appliqué. I met Cindy Thomas by entering the miniature quilt exchange. Cindy is creating the most beautiful quilts and she inspires me. She is a quilt teacher and I wish I could attend her classes. I named my quilt Rain Birds because currently we in South Africa and Cindy in California is experiencing a severe drought, this is my hope for rain for both our areas. The material for my quilt, I specially bought on a visit to New Zealand.


Title of Quilt: Two Birds of A Feather

Quilter's Name: Cindy Thompson

Location: Chowchilla, California, USA

I created this IMQE Exchange Quilt for Wena LeRoux who lives in Malmesburg South Africa. My quilt is called "Two Birds of A Feather" and was created because of our similarities in our life styles. We have so much in common even though we are miles apart. I thought that if we were birds we could fly to meet one another and make it an even smaller world in which we live in. We both were raised on a family farm, we love horses, wine, quilting and our grandchildren. We have had similar tragedies in our lives, Wena was in a serious car accident and I went through Breast Cancer. In my quilt for Wena I chose to emphasize our Continents and the location of where each of us lives on the West Coasts. I live on the West Coast of the United States in California and Wena lives on the West Coast of South Africa. My State of California's flower is the "golden poppy" and a "Bluejay" is my favorite bird. Wena's National flower of South Africa is the "Protea" and the bird I chose for her is the "Lilac -breasted Roller" an African bird so beautiful and colorful like her quilts. The technique I used is thread painting and fused appliqué. I have thread painted the birds and outlined the Continents and Areas where we live, added fused and threaded flowers highlighted with inktense pencils.


#8 Annalize van der Wal 2019-04-29 18:53
Very proud of my sister, Wena. Beautiful quilts!
#7 domabe@sago.com 2019-02-14 14:58
Good gracious to mercy, I am speechless over those beautiful birds. Absolutely gorgeous!
#6 PennyM 2019-02-11 06:48
Love both quilts as birds are my favorite! Great design concept, Cindy. Also liked the more traditional design you chose, Wena.
#5 Joan H. 2019-02-03 21:50
The thread painting is both intricate and beautifully done. What lovely quilts to exchange.
#4 galesowle 2019-02-03 14:29
Both quilts are beautiful! :-)
#3 alice 2019-02-03 13:47
I love both of them. So unique and colorful. You both seemed to spend time thinking about the significance of location and similarities. Great job ladies.
#2 Suzanna Moore Sandov 2019-02-03 10:58
Amazing work. Thank you for sharing.
#1 Juliet Fitness 2019-02-03 04:18
After "conversations" on FB (Friends of IMQE), it is lovely to see your quilts with detail shots, and read the full stories. Beautiful work.
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